Master National Training Property Draw

4930webcrMarin Retriever Club would like to remind everyone that the FIRST DRAW for training properties will be Friday night October 3rd, at 6 p.m. at the Casino Tent.

The draw will be for Saturday, October 4th, Sunday, October 5th, and Monday October 6th.

The SECOND DRAW will be held Monday night October 6th at 6 p.m. at the Casino Tent. It will be for Tuesday, October 7th, Wednesday October 8th and Thursday October 9th.

At 6 p.m. on October 9th, the Properties are CLOSED.

The Marin Retriever Club will have catalogs placed at the Host Hotel, the Inn at the Casino, all the local hotels and RV parks mentioned above.  Check the Marin Retriever Club website for other news and updates CLICK HERE FOR Marin Retriever Club News

And just another reminder: Marin Retriever Club will be hosting a Pulled Pork BBQ Dinner Saturday night, October 11th, starting at 5 pm. That’s right – opening day evening!  Tickets may be purchased online here

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Handler Jackets from Marin Retriever Club

The Marin Retriever Club, our 2014 Host Club, is now offering Golden Lake Handler MAR-LOGOJackets for sale with the Marin Retriever Club Commemorative 2014 logo embroidered onto the left chest!

Golden Lake has several different jackets in various sizes, styles and available in black or white. If you click on the link, it’ll take you directly to their website, where you can custom order your jacket. Tell him its for the Master National and he’ll add the logo! If he has the size you order in stock, he can have it to you in a very short time!

To find out more see: Marin Retriever Club Store

BBQ Tickets are still available and can be purchased online there too!

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2014 Delegate/Proxy Form

2014 Master National Retriever Club Delegate/Proxy Form

Use this half of the form ONLY if your club wishes to CHANGE its Delegate for the Annual Meeting
Mail to: Elaine Goodner, 2817 Duell Ave., Medford, OR 97501

The ___________________________________________________________

Club Name

wishes to change its delegate. The following person is hereby appointed Delegate until further notice.

_______________________________________, 2014


Delegate Name:__________________________________________________________



Club Title::_____________________________________________________________

Please do not cut this sheet

Use this half of the form ONLY if your club will be represented by a Proxy at the 2014 Annual Meeting

2014 Proxy Form

The undersigned Member Club does hereby constitute and appoint:



to be its lawful attorney and proxy for it, and in its name to vote at the MNRC Annual Meeting of Member Clubs to be held on Friday, October 10, 2014, upon amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws of said Club, and upon any and all other matters that may come before said meeting.


Member Club:_______________________________________________________



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2014 Master National Emergency Contact List

Handlers:  For your convenience,  a list of local emergency contact phone numbers has been assembled.  We hope you won’t need to use these, but just in case keep them handy.  Thank you to Gloria Mundell

Emergency Contacts Phone

Local Police/Sheriff –Corning, CA 911

Local Ambulance –Corning, CA 911

Local Fire Department –Corning, CA 911

Local Hospital or Emergency Medical Facility 911

St. Elizabeth Hospital
2550 Sister Mary Columbia Dr.Red Bluff, CA 530-529-8000

Local Weather Data

Poison Control 800.222.1222

Emergency Veterinary Hospitals:

CORNING VET, 2023 Solano St., Corning CA (right Downtown) (NO Emergency hours) 530-824-2966

ORLAND VET, 1137 8th, Orland, CA (closed 12-l:30p) Vet on call 24/7

WALKER ST. VET, 512 Walker St., Orland, CA (8:30a-5p) (NO Emergency services) 530-865-3630

MID VALLEY VET HOSP, 4422 County Road “N”, Orland, cA (M-F 8a-5p)
Vet on call for emergencies only during week.
(M-F 8a-5p) Vet on call for emergencies during week only)

VALLEY OAK EMERGENCY CLINIC, 2480 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Parkway, Chico, CA
(24 Hour Emergency Clinic)




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2014 Master National Photographer Schedule

Allison Sutton of Legend Photography, Texas Allison.1  will be this year’s Master National photographer. Allison will schedule Private Sessions for handlers beginning Oct. 8, 2014 and ending on Oct. 14, 2014.

Photos will also be available at the Master National Board from Oct. 10- through Oct. 13th.

Please review the Legend Photography website for samples of her work, and for rates and appointments.

There will not be action shots taken of each dog at the tests.

Allison’s schedule is as follows:

Private Sessions:
10/8 – evening
10/9 – morning and evening
10/10 – morning
10/14 – morning

Photos at the Master National Board:
All day 10/11, 10/12, 10/13

You can also email Allison Sutton:

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Club Notice: MNRC Annual Meeting

To the membership:
The following letter and documents were mailed to all Master National Clubs regarding the 2014 Annual Meeting.  If you have any questions or comments please contact MNRC Secretary Elaine Goodner.  Thank you.

The Master National Retriever ClubThe Master National Retriever Club

The MNRC annual meeting will be held in Corning, CA on Friday October 10th. If your club is in good standing (i.e. dues have been paid) your club has a voice in issues facing the MNRC.

There is a form for changing your club’s delegate or appointing a proxy to represent your club.

A sample ballot is provided to review nominations for 2015 Judges and Board of Directors positions.

Select two
Martin Bell
Arline Buchanan
Robert Rascoe

Select two
Chuck Beckman
Carol Hynes (previous judge)
Tom McMorrow

Select two
Dan Mills
Jeff Schoonover
Bruce Bachert (previous judge)
Kay Scott

Select two
Tellus Calhoun
Laura Judd (previous judge)
John Kinnard
Dale Langhorne

The Board of Directors nominates Jack Combs,  Allen Dillard and Randy Frager for the following Board of Director positions:
Region 1 VP (term will end 2018)
Jack Combs
31 Newport Ave.
North Kingstown, RI

Region 2 Director (term will end 2016)
Allen Dillard
601 Sunburst Cir SE
Brownsboro, AL

Region 4 Director (term will end 2016)
Randy Frager
1990 Brandon Circle

Delegate Proxy Form can be found here

Five clubs in good standing have put forth a By-laws change proposal to be voted on at the annual meeting. The proposal is enclosed (in the packet) along with statistical information on the effect of the proposal.


Impact: To clearly understand the full impact of the Atlanta Proposed Amendment we need to apply the amendment and observe the impact on the eligible judges pool.

The data in the following table and chart clearly illustrates the impact of the Atlanta Proposed Amendment change to the pool of judges available to judge the Master National by region. The number of “8 point judges” is taken directly from the AKC website. The count of “Has run the Master National” is a compilation of data from Master National databases and asking new 8 point judges directly. Judges who have qualified a dog within the last 7 years is derived from callbacks for the last 7 Master National Events. From this group we subtract professional handlers and MN Board members to obtain those judges who would be Eligible under the Atlanta Proposed Amendment broken by region.


Lastly, the MNRC Board of Directors has been working on different strategies to handle our rapid growth. These strategies are enclosed (in the packet) along with a survey to record your club’s opinions.

Click Here: FINAL Introduction of Strategies

We, the MNRC Board of Directors, strongly encourage your club members to review the enclosed documents, discuss the information presented and express informed opinions to help us direct the MNRC in a positive direction.

See you in Corning and best of luck.
Elaine Goodner
MNRC secretary


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Master National welcomes three new clubs

Master National 2014The Master National Retriever Club would like to welcome three new clubs to the organization.  All tests presented by these clubs will count toward the 2015 Master National Qualifying year. New to the list of clubs this year are:

Long Island Golden Retriever Club

Eastern Carolina Hunting Retriever Club

Mid Atlantic Hunting Retriever Club of Virginia


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Video Tribute: Cancer Survivor Dogs & Dogs We Have Lost

Once again Cera Reusser will be composing a “Chase Away K-9 Cancer” video tribute to the zoomerdogs we have lost to cancer. This year Cera is pleased to also feature dogs who have survived a cancer diagnosis.

Please send your high resolution photos along with your dog’s registered name, call name and titles, your name and address to Cera Reusser. If you desire, you may include a short description of your relationship with your dog.

Click here to view last year’s video in order to have an idea of what the video will be like

Cera’s email address is:

Deadline: Material should be sent to Cera no later than September 25th for inclusion in the 2014 video.

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2014 Master National judge change

To all MNRC stakeholders

Bill Blochowiak

William (Bill) Blochowiak of Meeker, OK Region 3

There has been a change in one of the Judges for the 2014 Master National. William (Bill) Blochowiak of Meeker, OK is replacing Lynn Morrison.  Allyn Foster and Bill Blochowiak will be the judges representing Region 3 in Corning CA. Bill judged the Master National in 2010 in Corning and it will be great to have him back! For more information about this year’s team of judge see the
Meet The Judges page on our website.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Region 3 representatives Keith Winch and Larry Kimble or MN President Janet Wood.

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2014 Master National Premium & Entry Form

MN_RibbonsThe Master National Retriever Club is pleased to announce that its Entry System for the 2014 Master National event in Corning, California is now live!

We would like to thank Hunt Test Secretary Frank & Lynn Barton for their dedication and excellent work on the Premium and Entry System.  Congratulations Frank & Lynn, they both look great!

The link to our Entry System is here:  Enter the 2014 Master National
** Entries close 6 p.m. Friday, August 29, 2014

The link to the Premium is here:  View Premium

Links to the Premium and the Entry System can also be found on the Master National Retriever Club homepage.  Good Luck and we look forward to seeing you in California soon!

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