2019 Master National Returns to South Carolina

H. Cooper Black Field Trial Area

The Master National Retriever Club Board of Directors is pleased to announce it has selected Cheraw, South Carolina as the site for the 2019 Master National event.

Handlers can look forward to a fabulous event and a return to the H. Cooper Black Jr. Memorial Field Trial and Recreation Area in South Carolina.

Dates and site details have not yet been confirmed but will be announced soon.

More information about this beautiful property can be seen at the H. Cooper Black website.


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2017 MNRC Foundation Handler Awards Announced

Jack Morris, Bob Neipert and Bill Teague

The Master National Retriever Club Foundation is proud to announce the 2017 ‘Handler of the Year’ and “Youth Handler of the Year’ recipients.

The Bill T. Teague Handler of the Year Award was earned by Bob Neipert of Lexington, Texas.

Bob began his retriever career when 16 years old in Iowa hunting pheasant, quail and ducks. He’s continued his love for retrievers and has been running retriever hunting tests since 1999. An amateur trainer and handler, Bob has placed a dog on the National Derby list, earned QAA with two dogs and four earned AKC’s Master Hunter titles. All four Master Hunters qualified and entered the Master National Retriever Club’s annual event.

Bob has attended thirteen Master National events. His dogs have earned eleven pewter plates for passing the MNRCHT and two of them are MNH (or higher) and are in the MNRC’s “Hall of Fame”. His current dog, Steller’s Proud Mary, MNH6 (call name Mary) has passed six MNRHT’s; prior to the 2017 event.  Just, 23 dogs in the history of the MNRC have earned this title .

Bob is well known for being a hard worker whether it be a training day at home, a local retriever hunting test or a Master National event. Bob is a highly respected handler, volunteer and trainer. He gives credit for his early handling and training education to Patsy Martin and the Waterloo club members. He also gives longtime training partner, Jack Morris of Giddings, Texas a lot of credit for his success.  Bob is a member of two retriever clubs, Waterloo Amateur Retriever Club and Heart of Texas Retriever Club. He’s also active in his home club where he currently serves as Treasurer in the Waterloo club. He  was nominated by the Waterloo Amateur Retriever Club.

Neipert was awarded this top award from the MNRCF based on his quality and expertise as a handler in American Kennel Club Retriever Hunting tests and the Master National Retriever Club’s annual event. His dog, RCF based on his quality and expertise as a handler in American Kennel Club “Stellar’s Proud Mary, MH, MNH-6”, an almost 8 year old black Labrador, is one of only 23 retrievers in the country to have passed six Master National tests.

Bill Teague, President of the MNRC Foundation, presented the award at the monthly  meeting of Bob’s home club, the Waterloo Amateur Retriever Club in Austin, Texas. Bob was cited for  his dedication, commitment and support of the AKC Retriever Hunting Test program as well as his expertise as a handler. Bob & his wife, Nancy, live in Lexington, Texas.  MNRCF Director, Jack Morris, and Bill Teague represented the Foundation board at the presentation. Other members of the MNRCF board are Gloria Mundell (Colorado), Jimmy Hughes (Alabama) and Kevin Bunnell (Oregon).

Both awards consist of the recipient’s name placed on a perpetual plaque, an individual plaque and a check for $1,000.  Presentation to youth handler Mary Emma Simon in Monticello will be made at a later date.

The presentation to Bob Neipert was held on February 1, at Tres Amigos Restaurant & Cantina, in Austin. The presentation of both awards will be recreated at the Master National Retriever Club’s annual business meeting in Roseburg, Oregon, October 18, 2018.

Mary Emma Simon successfully met the criteria for the first “Handler of the Year, 13-17 year old” category and becomes the first youth in that category to earn the Award since the award was implemented in 2015. Mary Emma, who lives with her parents, Tim and Sylvia and her younger brother, Pete,  in Monticello, Arkansas, got her first Labrador retriever, (Cherokee Jenny’s Pistol Sadie Simon MH, call name ‘Sadie’) when she was 13 years old and Sadie was six weeks old.

She read all the books on retrievers she could find and found a professional trainer, Ronnie Lee, Duck Roost Kennels in Louisville, Mississippi, whom she credits with much of her success. She learned how to train Sadie to find downed birds the dog saw fall, birds she did not see fall, trainability, obedience and much more. She handled Sadie to American Kennel Club (AKC) titles as a Junior Hunter, Senior Hunter and Master Hunter.

She qualified Sadie to enter the 2017 Master National in Tennessee Colony, Texas October 11-22; Sadie was in Flight A, dog 104. Although Sadie did not pass all six series at the MN, Mary Emma handled the dog well, knew all the American Kennel Club Regulations for the hunting test and exhibited outstanding sportsmanship.

However, Mary Emma says it almost didn’t happen. Her mother was diagnosed with cancer in January 2017 and when she learned the news, she was devastated. She ran to get Sadie, took her to her room and covered up in her bed and cried. She credits her family and Ronnie Lee for supporting her, getting her back into training and eventually getting to the MN. The presentation will be recreated at the 2018 MN event in Oregon this coming October. Mary Emma was nominated by her mother, Sylvia Simon.

The Foundation congratulates these two, fine recipients of the 2017 awards and encourages nominations of qualified handlers for the 2018 event in Oregon; nominations must be received within 30 days of the completion of the event.

The Foundation offers two ‘Youth Handler of the Year Awards’; one for 12 year olds and younger and one for 13-17 year old handlers and the ‘Bill T. Teague Handler of the Year Award’. No submissions were received for the 8-12 year old category this year.

For further info on the awards, contact Bill Teague at ta9@hughes.net or 713-252-3918 or 734 CR 630, Nacogdoches, Texas 75964.

Youth Handler & Handler of Year Award Requirements

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New Qualifiers for 2018 Master National

As of January 14,  there are now 134 retrievers qualified to enter the 2018 Master National on October 18-28, in Roseburg, Oregon.  Hope to see you there.

To view a current list of qualifiers:  Click Here


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AKC Hunt Tests: It’s A Labs World

We thought you might be interested in seeing some numbers so far from  the 2018 Master National Qualifying Year.

Beginning August 1, 2017 through December 31st there have been a total of 3,909 Master passes (data represents Master National Retriever Clubs only).  Here is a rank order of passes by AKC Breeds.

Topping the list, of course, are:  Labrador Retrievers with 3,234 passes with 83% of the total Master passes.  Next up:

Golden Retrievers with  466 Master passes.

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers with 76

Flat-Coated Retrievers with 37

Standard Poodles with 21

Curly-Coated Retrievers with 6

Boykin Spaniels with 6

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers with

Irish Water Spaniel with 3

** Complied from the American Kennel Club Retriever Hunt Test results

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Congratulations to the 2017 MNH Retrievers

Congratulations to the owners, handlers and retrievers who are first-time Master National Hunter titled dogs from Texas. These dogs have passed three Master National events!
For a complete list of all MNH retrievers, Click Here

Dog Name Owner
Aragon’s Rio De Fe MH F Aragon/S Aragon
Ayers Gunnery Sargent MH Bryant Wood
Barracuda Brown From Big Mamou Town MH Joe Perron
Bayou-Star Ms Independence MH Jack O’Connor
Big Dude’s Whistleblower MH Russell Young
Catch Me If You Can III MH Deena Driskell
Conecuh River’s Elegant Ella MH Chase Haws
Crispin’s This Is It Finis MH Chris Akin
Cypress Brake’s Tanker MH Bart Vanderhoeven
Dalton’s High Voltage Tigg MH Dalton Lancaster
Elphabas Big Boom Roxy MH Marc & Sharon Gemellaro
Ferguson’s Retirement Bonus MH Sam & Jeannie Ferguson
Field Of Dreams Ollie MH Tyler Patterson
Gooseneck’s Over The Limit ‘Visa’ MH Glenn & Rebecca Rogers
Hi-Top’s Sudden Impact VCD2 BN RE MH50 Carol Young
Ironweed Hi-Bird Rascal MH QA2 Mary Gregg
Jedi Klampett Klar MH Kevin Klar
Jlb Rough’s Roman Goddess MH J Brion/L Brion
Kate’s Crown Jewel MH Michael & Dorothy Ruehman
Kenai’s Yukon King MH J Martin/C Martin
Kings Hudson MH David Rolens
Lone Willow’s Cypress Boo MH Wendell Barton
Luther’s High Grade Black Coal MH David Knott
My Captain Fantastic MH Patrica Jagoda
Northern Belle’s Spicy Delight MH Jon Dayton
Old Oak’s Kid Dynamite Dave MH Chuck Anderson
Rendezvous Sassy Pants MH Carol Davis
Salt Marsh Ceilidh Dancer MH75 Elaine & David Boothman
Seaside’s All American Girl MH Scott Cooper
Sir Samson Shady Oaks MH Wendell Barton & Buddy Vail
Smokin 8-9-8 MH Charles Pugh
Tfk’s Head Man In Charge MH Nunzio Litterio
The Blast’s Fisticuffs MH Dan & Melody Robinson
Tiderunner II MH Wanda Estep
Tnt Explosive Drago Sugar Bars MH M Miller
Vinwoods Tweety Bird MH Kelsi Toth & William Carrington
Wall’s Cash On The Line MH Christopher Wall
Watermark’s Maxwell’s Royal Flush MH Dan Nicole Boettger
Watermark’s River Trace MH Billy Cobb
Will-Do’s Sir William MH Ralph Ardis
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2018 Master National Judges

Master National Retriever Club is pleased to announce that John Kinnard has accepted the invitation to judge at this year’s Master National.  Kinnard will replace Ron Sauls who had a scheduling conflict.  Kinnard will represent Region 4 in Roseburg, Oregon.

Kinnard judged the 2015 Master National in Cheraw, South Carolina. He lives in Ephrata, Washington and  judges regularly in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Alaska. Thank you John for stepping into the position and we look forward to working with you October 18-28th.

Other judges for the event include:
Region 1:   Megan Baker; Keith Maready and Jim Wonnell
Region 2:  Keith Kiesow and Dave Kress
Region 3:  Mike Akeroyd and Bill Blochowiak and Randy Morton
Region 4:  Michael O’Bannon and John Kinnard

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AKC Hunt Test Advisory Committee Update

The American Kennel Club Hunt Test Advisory Committee is pleased to announce two new appointments to its group.  Carol Hynes and Dave Coffey have agreed to serve in this volunteer position.

Carol Hynes will represent the Central Time Zone and Dave Coffey the Mountain Time Zone Representatives to the Retriever Hunt Test Advisory are appointed for the terms noted below.

Both appointees met all the criteria for the position which included being an 8 point Master judge, in good standing with the AKC, an ‘active’ judge (judged recently), qualified multiple dogs at master level and is active in local retriever club(s). Additionally, each is familiar with the AKC Regulations for Retriever Hunting Tests, has the ‘big picture’ of the program and has proven they can interact with people successfully.

We take this opportunity to thank Keith Winch as he completes his term for his stellar performance in the Mountain Time Zone and Patty Polish and Keith Maready for their continued service. We are pleased Carol and Dave have agreed to serve in this volunteer position and look forward to working with them. If you have any questions, please let me know.

It is the responsibility of the RHT Advisory Committee to provide input to the AKC Performance Events Department with regard to the Retriever Hunting Test Regulations. This may involve clarification of existing Regulations or new Regulations that are felt to enhance the sport. Topics for Advisory Committee discussion may originate from RHT participants or from the Committee members themselves. The Performance Events Department may also direct ideas to the Committee for consideration.

Members and terms of service of the Retriever Hunting Test Advisory Committee are:

Rocky Mountain Time Zone Representative

Dave Coffey                        dcoffeytyme@msn.com                                2021
4172 E 550 N
Rigby, Idaho 83442              208-201-6944 (C)

Central Time Zone Representative

Carol Hynes                         carolhynes608@gmail.com                          2018
6245 County Road CM
Pardeeville, Wisconsin 53954      608-235-9158 (C)

Pacific Time Zone Representative

Patricia “Patty” Polish          pattypolishnevad@aol.com                            2019
235 Sutro Road                       775-246-5746(H)|
Dayton, Nevada 89403        775-848-0252 (C)

Eastern Time Zone Representative

Keith Maready                   keithmaready@gmail.com                            2020
117 Michelle Manor Court      252-916-6986
Newport, North Carolina 28570

RHTAC Chairman
Bill Teague                             ta9@hughes.net
734 CR 630                           936-559-9007 (H)
Nacogdoches, TX 75964       713-252-3918 (C) December 28, 2017

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MNRC Foundation Donates $9,600 to Canine Relief

The Foundation is pleased to report they have sent $9,600 to the American Kennel Club Canine Relief Fund to support the assistance to dog owners and their families after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. The Master National Retriever Club (MNRC) and its member clubs, in response to a challenge by an anonymous donor, raised $4.800 which was matched by the challenger resulting in the $9,600 gift to the Canine Relief Fund. Individuals and organizations are encouraged to support the relief fund because of the overwhelming need for canine medications, homes, food and other necessities needed by the dogs.

The Master National Retriever Club conducts an annual retriever hunting test for the nation’s top retrievers licensed by the American Kennel Club and is comprised of 170 member retriever clubs all over the United States. For detailed information on the AKC Canine Relief Fund, contact Tom Sharp, President & CEO, tws@akcreunite.org | 919-816-3839.

The Foundation is also pleased to report Jack Morris, Owner and Operator of Stellar Retrievers, LLC, (www.stellarretrivers.com) outside Giddings, Texas has been elected to the Foundation board. Mr. Morris fills the vacancy that occurred when John Blackbird passed away last September. Mr. Morris is a very well respected, professional, retriever trainer and a strong supporter of the Master National Retriever Club and the Master National Retriever Club Foundation. Mr. Morris joins Jimmy Hughes (Alabama), Gloria Mundell (Colorado), Kevin Bunnell (Oregon) and Bill Teague (Texas) on the board.

The Foundation is a 501, (c) (3) non-profit organization under the IRS Code and separate from the MNRC. The foundation, all volunteers, manages annual ‘Handler of the Year’ Awards, supports projects of the MNRC and provides related support. For further information, contact Bill T. Teague, 73 CR 630, Nacogdoches, Texas 75964, ta9@hughes.net or 713-252-3918.

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2017 Chase Away K9 Cancer Video Tribute

Thank you to Cera Reusser of Chase Away K9 Cancer for honoring our lost loved ones and K9 cancer survivors in this year’s touching tribute video.

Almost $4,000 was raised to help Chase Away K9 Cancer. A special thanks goes to David Kurt Handmade Knives Carla Lund and Oakcreek Lanyards for their donations to the auction. A thanks also to Mike Collson who did an amazing job as auctioneer along with Terry Elliot and Pam Bunnell for selling Duck Bands.


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New Region 4 Director to Serve on MNRC Board

NOTE: Jeff Manuel has been appointed to the MNRC Board of Directors as Director for Region 4 for the current year. Jeff says he looks forward to working with the regional clubs and members as well as the Master National. Here’s a brief bio to introduce him to our membership.

My name is Jeff Manuel. My wife Rhonda and I live and work in Medford, Oregon. Southern Oregon has been a great place to make a home and raise a family. Lots of public lands, waterways, and a diverse environment offer many opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast.

I have been an avid hunter and fisherman all my life, as is true with many of us involved in this sport, it is here that I cut my teeth training dogs. I began with no formal training plan, or even a clue as to what a trained dog was capable of, I only knew what I wanted my dog to do; “fetch that bird”…so I don’t have to go for a swim myself to get it.  With a lot of trial and error I managed to get mostly what I wanted from the dog.

Some things I began to learn for myself were the art of teaching the dog in the simplest ways, and how valuable the bond between handler and dog can be to successful training. In the early 90s, on a hunting weekend on Klamath Lake, I was introduced to a new friend and whole new world of dog training. My new friend; Andy, in addition to hunting with dogs was doing these things called Field Trials and Hunt Tests, and his dogs were amazing.

I was instantly infatuated with the idea of training a dog to be amazing. While I continued to work with dogs over the next several years, our young family and new baby girl took center stage, but I knew this was a thing I wanted to get more involved with…. someday. In 2009 I decided it was someday, I acquired a new dog and began the process of training and making the connections and friends that would ultimately lead me into the seemingly endless obsession that is dog training.

Presently, I am the latest installment of President of the Rogue Valley Retriever Club, an active member of the Umpqua Valley Retriever Club, and attempt to be a good helper at any event I attend.

Along the way I have taken two dogs, Jozie and Iza, to MH title, Jozie to a MN qualifying in 2014, and am currently focused on the next best dog “Draco”, who will be a year old in December.

While I have learned so much, (with much left to learn still) those lessons from the early days; simple teaching and the remarkable bond between a person and a dog, remain true in my training and in my heart. It has been an interesting journey to this point, I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting the many people (and dogs) this sport has introduced me to.

As this next chapter of the journey begins, I am grateful for the opportunity to serve and give back to the sport. I am looking forward to the new challenges and getting to meet and work with the broad group of people that are and support the Master National.

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