Important Notice to Handlers: Vaccine Recommendations

golden_blindMake sure your dog is current on the latest strain of canine influenza.  The vaccine you want to ask for is the H3N2 vaccine.  If you dog has not been vaccinated do it now and repeat in 3 weeks.

As always, dogs must be current on their DHPP and Rabies vaccination.

Thank you Dr. Becky Malphus for this update.

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2016 Delegate/Proxy Form

A31I3574Attention Master National Clubs

If your club wishes to CHANGE its Delegate for the Annual Meeting or if your club will be represented by a Proxy at the 2016 Annual Meeting on Friday, September 30th, in Greater St. Louis you will need to fill out these forms.

Any questions please contact Master National Secretary Elaine Goodner.  Please mail your form to: Elaine Goodner, 2817 Duell Ave., Medford, OR 97501

2016 Proxy Form

Delegate Change Form

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2016 Master National Entries Now Closed

072B4_Hutch_045_MN12r_proofThe 2016 Master National Entry System is now closed.  Good Luck and See you In St. Louis!

See a List of Entered Dogs

Master National Premium


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2016 Master National Training Birds

pheasant_flyingBuettner Farms will be supplying the birds for the Master National and for Master National Pre-Training.

Outside birds from other sources are not allowed on

Please order your birds by September 20th with Kiley Buettner by
emailing:  or sending a text at: 605 351 1811

He will respond with your order and make bird pick up and payment arrangements
with you.

Download Dog Training Application:   MDC Dog Training area permit
Note: This document is only necessary if flyers are being shot in training.

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Advanced Sale of 25th Anniversary T

25th Anniversary Location T

25th Anniversary Location TShirt

Due to popular demand and requests, the Master National Store will hold a limited time offer to buy the
25th Anniversary Location/Year tee shirt.

Avoid the opening day rush, get any size now and enjoy this collector’s item.

Prices:  $34 sizes   Small – Extra Large  and
$38 sizes 2 XL & 3 XL

MNRC 25th TShirt

MNRC 25th TShirt

Plus shipping fees.  To order contact Pam Bunnell via  to:

Include Name, address, quantity, size and a contact phone number for payment!

See you in St. Louis!


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Slideshow: Welcome to St. Louis 2016

The Gateway Arch National Monument

The Gateway Arch National Monument

Congratulations on qualifying your retriever for the  25th Anniversary Master National Retriever Club Event.  to be held in the St. Louis area September 29 – October 9, 2016.

Thanks in part to the generous support of our sponsors this 25th Anniversary test will be one for the record books! A big thank you to corporate sponsors: Nestle Purina Petcare, Avery Sporting Dog, Garmin, Dogtra, SportDOG Brand, WetMutt Beds, Duck Dog Clothing Company, Tangelo Products, Midwest Greyhound Supply, Castile Creek Kennels/Country Vet, Honk Monsters Outdoors, Lone Duck Outfitters and Mom’s Gourmet.  We appreciate your sponsorship and look forward to seeing you in St. Louis.

Thank you too, to Corporate Sponsor Liasions Michelle Love and Rex Gibson for their dedication and work in getting this event ready to go.  Michelle and Rex, and Hunt Test Chair Jeannie Greenlee supplied these photos from their visit to the grounds in August.

Here are some notes provided by CSLs Michelle Love and Rex Gibson and Hunt Test Chair Jeannie Greenlee upon their return from a site visit in August.

August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area, site of the 2016 Master National.

No food or beverage concessions will be available on the test grounds. However, restaurants and fast food are 10-15 minutes away.

Purina Event Center Gateway Hall, site of the 25th Anniversary MNRC Event Opening Ceremony, Handlers’ Meeting and MNRC 2016 Annual Meeting.

Purina Event Center RV lot A-1, site of 2016 pre-event bitch check.  Merchandise Vendor and Sponsor sales will be located nearby.

Purina Event Center, site of Opening Ceremonies, September 29; Registration, Handers’ Meeting and Annual Meeting, September 30. Located 45 minutes from Busch Conservation Area and Host Hotels.  Café will be open to sell food and beverages on Friday, September 30.

Purina Farms Visitor Center and Canteen will be open on Friday, September 30.

Spirit of St. Louis Airport grounds. Site of Workers’ Party, October 4; Frankie’s Dinner, October 6; and Closing Ceremonies, October 9. Located 15 minutes from Busch Conservation Area and Host Hotels.  Events will take place under large tents. Merchandise Vendor and Sponsor sales will be on-site.  No overnight camping / parking.

It truly does take an army to get this event planned and implemented and we thank all of our wonderful volunteers in advance for their help.  Dog to the Line!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.





















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Master National 2016 Update

Invitation16The 2016 Qualifying Year has ended and we want to congratulate all of the fine dogs who have Qualified for this year’s event.  Your accomplishment represents a great deal of dedication and skill on the part of the handler and dog.

For those of you who are new to the Master National event we want you to know that the Master National is not a limited entry event.  All of the dogs who are qualified and who enter (before entries close of course)– will be accepted.

The American Kennel Club should have all Master passes recorded by August 12th.

Master National Hunt Test Secretary, Frank Barton expects entries to open August 9th until closing on August 19th.  We will post a notice to let you know the exact date on our Website, on our MNRC blog, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

So train hard, get ready and we look forward to seeing you in St. Louis!  Congratulations on your achievement!

Special Note: Thanks to our volunteer ‘inviteer’  Melissa Robinson Shanks invitations will be made to all those who qualify.  She is doing her best to get them all out ASAP, but please be patient.  If for some reason you do not receive an invitation you can let us know by emailing us at   and we will be sure to get one out to you.  The invitation is a courtesy and designed to congratulate the handler, it does NOT mean you cannot enter without one.  If your dog is Qualified to run, you can enter, no invitation is necessary.


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3 New Bronze Level Sponsors Announced

Congratulations to our new Bronze Level sponsors Castile Creek Kennels/
bronze-castilecreekCountry Vet,  Honk Monsters Outdoors and  Lone Duck Outfitters.

Thank you for your generous support and we look forward to seeing you at this year’s event.bronze-honkmonsters

And announcing our NEW Donors Program.  Donors can help the Master National Retriever Club on a Junior, Senior and Master Level.  First to join our Donors List on the Master Level is Gun Dog Supply.  

bronze-loneduckAnd if you would like to find out more about the Master National Donors List please contact Michelle Love or Rex Gibson for details.

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2016 By-Laws Proposal Fails

The Master National Retriever ClubThe vote tally of 2016 Proposal to Change Passing Margin from Two Thirds to Fifty Percent Plus One (50%+1) is complete.

58 ballots cast out of 178 member clubs constitutes a quorum. YES votes did not meet the 2/3 required, therefore the proposal failed.

See below for a club-by-club list of Yes, No and No Votes

Region Club Yes No Abstain
1 Atlanta RC      
1 Black Creek RC      
1 Cape Fear RC      
1 Carolina’s RA   N  
1 Colonial Retriever FTC Y    
1 Cooper River RC of South Carolina   N  
1 Cuyahoga Valley GRC      
1 Del Bay RC      
1 Eastern Carolina HRC      
1 Empire RC      
1 Fall Line RC      
1 Finger Lakes RC, Inc      
1 Greater Pittsburgh GRC   N  
1 Greater Pittsburgh LRC, Inc.      
1 Hudson Highlands HRC      
1 Jacksonville RC      
1 Keystone RC Y    
1 Labrador Retriever Club      
1 Lake Champlain RC   N  
1 Long Island GRC      
1 Long Island Retriever FTC      
1 LRC of Greater Boston   N  
1 LRC of the Piedmont Y    
1 LRC of the Potomac, Inc.      
1 Lumber River RC      
1 Maine RTC, Inc.      
1 Maryland RC      
1 Mid Atlantic HRC of Virginia      
1 Mid Florida GRC      
1 Neuse RC      
1 Ohio Valley RC Y    
1 Palmetto RC      
1 Penobscot HRC      
1 Pinelands RC of New Jersey Y    
1 Poodle Club of America   N  
1 Potomac Valley GRC      
1 Presque Isle RC of Erie, PA      
1 Rappahannock River RC Y    
1 Southern Berkshire GRC      
1 Susquehanna RC      
1 Swamp Dog Club      
1 Talbot RC Y    
1 Tallahassee HRC Y    




1 Tidewater RC   N  
1 Treasure Coast RC Y    
1 Westchester RC   N  
1 Western New York RC   N  
1 Wiregrass HRC of Georgia Y    
1 Yadkin River Waterfowl and RC      
1 Yankee GRC      
1 Yankee Waterfowlers HRC      
2 Backwater RC   N  
2 Black Warrior RC      
2 Blackhawk RC      
2 Bootheel RC      
2 Central Kentucky RC      
2 Central Minnesota RC Y    
2 Central Wisconsin’s Muddy Waters RC      
2 Chippewa Valley RC      
2 Curly Coated RC of America      
2 Dardenne RC      
2 Duluth RC   N  
2 East Tennessee RC Y    
2 Eastern Iowa HRA      
2 Flat-Coated Retriever Society of America      
2 Fort Detroit GRC      
2 Fox Valley RC      
2 GRC of Greater St. Louis      
2 GRC of Illinois      
2 Hennepin County Amateur RC      
2 Island View RC      
2 Kansas City RC      
2 Lake Country RC      
2 Lower Alabama HRC   N  
2 Madison RC   N  
2 Magnolia RC   N  
2 Manitowoc County Kennel Club      
2 Marshbanks GRC S Central Michigan      
2 Michigan Flyways RC   N  
2 Middle Tennessee Amateur RC      
2 Mid-South HRC      
2 Minnesota Iron Range RC      
2 Mississippi Headwaters RC      
2 Missouri River RC      
2 Mobile Amateur RC, Inc.      
2 North Alabama RC, Inc.      




2 North Mississippi Amateur RC   N  
2 Northeast Tennessee RC      
2 Northern Flight HRA      
2 Northwest Iowa RC      
2 Nova Scotia Duck Tolling RC (USA)      
2 Ozarks HRA      
2 Ponchartrain HRC   N  
2 Shreveport Bossier RC      
2 South Mississippi RC      
2 Southern Minnesota HRA   N  
2 Southwest Missouri RC   N  
2 Watopa RC      
2 West Allis Training Kennel Club      
2 West Central Minnesota RC      
2 Wisconsin Amateur FTC      
3 Alamo RC      
3 Albuquerque RC   N  
3 Big D HRC      
3 Bluebonnet RC      
3 Brazosport RC   N  
3 Bryan-College Station RC   N  
3 Central Nebraska RC      
3 Coastal Bend RC      
3 Colorado Foothills RC Y    
3 Colorado Women’s RC Y    
3 Dallas Fort Worth LRC      
3 East Texas Black Gumbo RC      
3 Eastern Idaho RC      
3 Fort Collins RC   N  
3 Four States RC of Texarkana      
3 Grand Valley RC      
3 GRC of America      
3 Heart of Texas RC      
3 Helena Valley Gun Dog Club      
3 Idaho RC   N  
3 Jayhawk RC      
3 LRC of Albuquerque   N  
3 LRC of Greater Denver      
3 Metro Alliance RC      
3 Mile-Hi GRC      
3 Minot RC      
3 Missouri Valley Hunt Club   N  
3 Mount Rushmore RC      
3 Nebraska Dog & Hunt Club      




3 North Dakota RC      
3 Northeast Texas RA      
3 North Idaho RC Y    
3 Pikes Peak RC      
3 Port Arthur RC      
3 Professional Retriever Trainers Association      
3 Rose Country RC of E Texas      
3 Sooner RC Y    
3 Sunflower RC   N  
3 Tejas HRC      
3 Treasure State RC      
3 Treasure Valley HRC      
3 Tulsa RC      
3 Wasatch HRC      
3 Waterloo Amateur RC      
3 Weber River RC      
3 Western Montana RC      
4 American Chesapeake Club      
4 California South Coast RC      
4 Copper State HRC      
4 Evergreen GRC      
4 Fairbanks RC      
4 GRC of Greater Los Angeles      
4 Great Western Flat-Coated RC      
4 Greater Pacific NW RTC   N  
4 Hills Ferry HRC Y    
4 Inland Valley RC Y    
4 Las Vegas HRC Y    
4 Lassen RC Y    
4 LRC of Southern California Y    
4 Marin RC Y    
4 Monterey Bay HRC Y    
4 NorCal GRC      
4 Northeast Washington Gun Dog Club      
4 Oregon HRC   N  
4 Oregon RTC Y    
4 Puget Sound LRA   N  
4 Rainier HRC      
4 RC of Alaska      
4 Redwood Empire RC      
4 Rogue Valley RC      
4 Rose City LRC Y    
4 Sagehens RC      




4 Salem RTC Y      
4 Sand  & Sage HRC      
4 Sierra Nevada RC Y    
4 Umpqua Valley RC Y    
4 Western Arizona Gun Dog Club      
  28 30 0 58

58 ballots cast out of 178 member clubs constitutes a quorum.
YES votes did not meet the 2/3 required, proposal failed.

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Seeking Volunteer For K-9 Cancer Fundraiser

ChaseAwayK9CancerWe are seeking a volunteer to take charge of the K-9 Cancer Fundraiser held at the 2016 Master National event.

The responsibilities for the “ambassador” for Chase Away K-9 Cancer are:

  1. Communicate with Cera on all items
  2. Receive any items for the auction and be sure they are tagged or identified and have not been harmed in shipping.  Also keeping the items safe until the auction.
  3. Receive any & all monies for K-9 thru Cera Reusser’s Square account.
  4. Being available during the Worker’s party when the auction takes place.  Taking in donations as well.
  5. Getting the video to the media person which also entails getting it from Cera.
  6. Posting a news item to Mia for the MN blog & website requesting photos etc for this video.
  7. Making a donation run through the galleries at different times during the week.

If anyone is interested or has questions, please contact Pam Bunnell at 541-430-2192 or Terry Elliott  360-904-3546.

Chase Away K-9 Cancer 

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