2010 MNRC Annual Meeting

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Handlers Registration, Bitch Check, Committee meetings and the Judges Instruction to Handlers took place at the Rolling Hills Casino.

AKC Presentation
Prior to the annual meeting AKC Representative Jerry Mann presented the new Master National Title proposal.

Mann announced that former MNRC President Bill Teague has been appointed as the Chairman of the Retriever Hunt Test Advisory Committee.  The Advisory Committee will be reorganized and each of the members will be assigned terms of service.

MNRC Annual Meeting

The MNRC Annual Meeting began at 2:30 p.m. with Opening Remarks from MNRC outgoing President Janet Peters. Janet thanks those who helped her though out the year.

2010 Chief Marshal John Blackbird thanked all the land owners and especially Manager Brad Henman who provided services from filling the ponds to digging ditches.


John introduced the 2010 judges and gave their pairings. Mary Williams and Bill Cummins were assigned to Flight A; Myrna Zumwalt and Clarence Klaus will judge Flight B and Keith Kiesow and Bill Blochowiak will judge Flight C.

Flight A will begin at the Donut Hole, Flight B at Never Again and Flight C at Not So. The other three series will be called Bubber Gun Hunting, Par 4 and Oh No.

The Rotation will be #61, #41, #21, #1, #101 and #81.

John then gave the Handlers Instructions from the judges. John also mentioned that Call Backs would be done at the given test; unless the property was needed in which case Call Backs would be given at the Clear Creek Clubhouse. Callbacks will also be posted in Host Hotel lobby and online at www.MasterNational.com.

2012 Master National

Chief Marshal John Blackbird announced the 2012 Master National would be hosted by the Black Warrior Retriever Club at the Forever Wild State Cattle Ranch in Greensboro, Alabama.

Amendment to the Constitution:

Proposal #1 submitted by the Umpqua Valley Retriever Club, Rainer Hunting Retriever Club and in Pugent Sound Labrador Retriever Club.

Article VIII; Section 6. Striking the word amateurs, from the following:

“Judges for the Master National Hunting Retriever Test shall be amateurs, thoroughly experienced in handling and training of retrievers and in the requirements of retriever work. “

Amendment was voted on by the delegates and did Not pass.

2010 Master National Vision Award:

President Janet Peters announced the winner of the 2010 Vision Award for outstanding service to the MNRC is Frank Barton. Congratulation Frank!

Change of Officers:

Vice President John Marchica will now become President of the MNRC.

Region 1 Director Sam Ferguson was elected MNRC Vice President.

William (Auggie) Argabright, was elected for a 2-year term as Region 1 Director. Jace Tramontin was elected Region 2 Director and Kevin Bunnell was elected for his 2nd term as the Region 4 Director.

Slate of Judges for 2011:

Elected for the 2011 Master National judges were:

Region 1 Dr. James Wonnell; Region 2 Martha Kress; Region 3 Dorothy Ruehman; Region 4 Dave Illias. Also elected were former MNRC judges from Region 2 Dwayne Bickel and in Region 4 Jim Morris.

Communications Report:

Board Member Gloria Mundell thanked Kristie Wilder for the redesign of the Master National Web Site. She said the MNRC has received many comments about the improvement of the site.

Gloria asked Mia DiBenedetto and Jack Combs (PR Committee) to highlight some of the features of MNRC’s new communication strategy.

It is the goal of the MNRC to be able to communicate to club members and the broader retriever world across all platforms, Mia said by using the Internet, Text Messaging, and Social Media.

Due to the flooding and mud conditions in Texas, the Board of Directors saw a need to be able to immediately communicate to handlers any emergency information. A Text Message Alert service was created and will be used only at the MN event to notify handlers of any changes to Flight Times or other emergency information.

During the event, the Master National Web Site will be updated with pictures and daily posts. Callback and Diagrams (created by Frank Barton) will also be posted and this year there will be the addition of Social Media posts on Facebook and Twitter. These are all in an effort to improve communication with those at the event and those who are following the event from afar.

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7 Responses to 2010 MNRC Annual Meeting

  1. Joe Hayes says:

    Dave Illias is the region 4 judge, Jim Morris is the 3rd set of judges selected.

  2. miadibenedetto says:

    It was David Illias. 2011 Judges are listed in the Annual Meeting notes. https://masternational.wordpress.com/2010/10/10/2010-mnrc-annual-meeting/

  3. miadibenedetto says:

    So sorry Jace, it has been corrected.

  4. Bill Teague says:


    Nice job on the site; many thanks. Please make the following corrections to the announcement by Jerry Mann re: Retriever Hunt Test Advisory Committee:
    1. please delete the word “First”; there have been previous chairmen; I am the most recent.
    2. please include the statement, “The Advisory committee will be reorganized and each of the members will be assigned terms of service.”

    Many thanks, my friend. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


  5. Mia, Where can I find the diagrams of the 2012 Cattle Ranch tests? ( the photos that show the test sites) It is not user friendly to find. Thank-you for directing me to them. Best,

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