2010 MNRC Hall of Fame and other Retiring Dogs

Video featuring 2010 MNRC Hall of Fame Retiring Dogs, plus other Master National participants who are retiring this year…..

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4 Responses to 2010 MNRC Hall of Fame and other Retiring Dogs

  1. Mark Parman says:

    Pine Acre’s Webfoot Winger is incorrectly listed as retiring. He has more birds to retrieve.

    • Janet Peters says:

      Mark – you misunderstand the video. The first part is pictures of the Hall of Fame dogs that we have received pictures. The second part starting with the slide that says “Retiring 2010” are the dogs that retired this years.

  2. Sue Dorscheid says:

    Question – is the retiring dog portion only for hall of fame retiring dogs? Or any dog that has participated in the event that is retiring?

    • Mia DiBenedetto says:

      Sue, the Board of Directors has decided that Hall Of Fame dogs would be included in the video, AS WELL AS, those dogs who have participated in the Master National but who may not have qualified. I think they will divide the video to show HOF retirees, plus other Retiring Dogs. Thanks for asking. Send photos and descriptions to: kpbunl@douglasfast.net Deadline to be included is Sept. 1st! Mia DB

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