2012 Master National Distinguished Service Award

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Sallie Sullivan is a true Icon of our sport.

In 1999, Sallie served as President of the Master National Retriever Club and in 2003 hosted the Master National event at the Borderline Plantation in Thomasville, Georgia.
Sallie has seven dogs in the Master National Hall of Fame. Those seven dogs have earned a total number of 29 passes at the Master National events. Sallie is also the recipient of seven Women’s Challenge Trophies, more than any other woman.

She has participated in 19 of the 20 Master Nationals.There is no doubt; Sallie is dedicated to Hunt Test excellence. Her support through entries and assistance is clear evidence that she is devoted to the sport.

Her generosity in sharing her magnificent training property with other retriever enthusiasts further supports her devotion to retriever excellence.
She is a role model for women in the sport and her pioneering spirit in the game has proved as motivation of other women handlers.

In addition to representing the highest standards in training and testing, Sallie has bred Labradors for over 20 years, and holds the highest standards for furthering the Labrador retriever breed.

She is a true champion of the sport, and that is the reason she is receiving the 2012 Master National Distinguished Service Award.

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2 Responses to 2012 Master National Distinguished Service Award

  1. Mary Ann Sauer says:

    Congratulations Sallie, you are certainly deserving of this award. Thank you for all the wonderful retriever training experiences. It is a great pleasure and honor to know and learn from you.

  2. Richard Myers says:

    Sallie, although I have only known you personally for a couple of years, I have quickly found that you represent the best of our sport. Thank you for the many attributes you bring to the Hunt Test game and for the example you set for all of us.

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