Handlers Instructions from the Judges

(Presented at Handler’s meeting, October 19, 2012)

1. Gun safety: Shoulder gun on marks as if shooting birds, use both hands;
2. Handler may safely put gun in gun holder at line after dog leaves to retrieve first bird;
3. Handling on marks: handle all the way to the bird;
4. No intimidation will be tolerated; loud ‘sit’ by working dog handler to aid honor dog is not allowed. Dropping gun barrel to influence dog is not allowed.
5. The handler must stand upright by the dog while marks are thrown & on honor;
6. No excessive ‘heeling’ to locate gun stations, i.e., don’t point out gun stations;
7. Attire of participants: must meet standard, i.e., camo or dark clothing suitable for waterfowl hunt or upland hunt;
8. When judges decide dog can no longer qualify, they will notify the handler to pick up the dog;
9. Honoring on lead: if judges know dog cannot qualify, they will advise handler to honor on lead. However, honoring ‘off lead’ doesn’t automatically mean a call back; judges may have to discuss dog’s performance;
10. Heeling dog: if asked to ‘re-heel’, handler stay in place and bring dog to heel, do not walk up to dog;
11. No exposed training gear at line; cover all leads, etc.;
12. No electronic devices (excluding those used by judges, marshals, etc.) w/in 50’ of line; must not generate noise that might interfere;
13. Dogs will be judged and scored to the AKC standards for Master Tests;
14. Challenge the blinds;
15. We are looking for good teamwork of the handler and their dog; and
16. Have a good time and enjoy your dog’s fine work.

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6 Responses to Handlers Instructions from the Judges

  1. Paul McGinnis says:

    I see from some of the photos that instruction #7 is not being adhered to. In 30+ years of hunting I’ve never seen anyone wear a black coat while hunting waterfowl or upland game birds.

    • Justin says:

      Never understood that myself. Guess it’s AKC’s way of letting the “Field Trial” influence into the “Hunt Test” world. Wonder when they’ll start putting white coats in the field?

  2. Cindy says:

    I would say Black is dark clothing

  3. Paul McGinnis says:

    Based on your question it appears that you are in the 50% of hunt testers that don’t hunt their dogs. Refer back to my original comments. Hunters don’t wear black while hunting. In an upland senario hunters normally wear hunter orange from the waist up.

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