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Many folks have been asking about the photos being taken by professional photographers Mark and Shannon Atwater and the team at

The photographers have taken over 25,000 photos. So they are asking handlers to be patient. Photos will be available for review following the Master National and can be viewed online at The Atwaters said you will be able to just click on the Master National Event link, and go to the day and your Flight, find your number and you will be able to view all of the photos of your dog taken that day. Thanks for your suuport!

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2 Responses to Slideshow: Photos by

  1. blemoi says:

    Why are the Call backs so badly out of date? Flight C doesn’t even list Series 3? A doesn’t list 4 and they completed 5 already?

  2. Sheila Nelson says:

    Are 2012 test diagrams available?

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