2013 Master National Judges

The Master National Retriever Club is pleased to announce the slate of judges for the 2013 Master National to be held at the Flint Oak Hunting Resort in Fall River, Kansas on Sept. 21-29, 2013.

Master National Retriever Club Delegates voted in the following judges. Congratulations to all.

Region 1
Laurice E. Williams Sr. , Autryville, NC
John Marchica, Sudbury, VT

Region 2
Bob May, Burlington, IA
DuWayne S. Bickle, Whitewater, WI

Region 3
Ed Arnett, Loveland, Colorado
David Christianson, Bellville, TX

Region 4
Laura Judd, Sebastopol, CA
Bill Largent, Forest Grove, OR

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8 Responses to 2013 Master National Judges

  1. Julie Oven says:

    Has there been any change in qualifications to attend M.N?? To lower the numbers instead of dropping Dogs just to get to a working number! Until then I will happily help you drop a couple.
    The Sport needs to be Clearer!
    A lot of Great dogs got dropped in the 1 st series that should have never been!
    Congratulations to all that survived the bloodbath!
    How did it happen that the percentages were so close?
    Thanks to all for your hard work!

  2. Mia DiBenedetto says:

    Yes, sorry, It should read Sept. 21-29.

  3. Ty Clenney says:

    Test A 5th. Series; 16 dogs were dropped in this 5th.and final series. Why? It may have been 25-30 mph. winds from Sandy blowing from our backs and the bird boys not turning toward the line and the dogs not hearing the call and mark the bird on the far right. This was a terrible mistake by the bird boys for such fine dogs to get to the last series and 16 fail it. The dog has to hear the duck call to turn in the direction of the shot and see the bird fall. It’s a sequence they are trained on all their lives. Imagine your in a duck blind and a bunch of ducks are flying from right to left in front of the blind. Then your buddy sees them first and doesn’t tell you where they are. He jumps up and shoots and you have no idea where they are. The same thing happened in test A 5th.series. Here is a very good question, Why did 16 dogs fail on this same mark in the test? One of the 16 was mine # 101 Barren River Rebel With A Cause AKC. MH. who had passed 51 out of 52 AKC Hunt test until the bird on the right where the duck call was not blown toward the line. The tests were tough the judges did a fine job and the set up really tested the dogs but the bird boys MUST TURN toward the line with the duck calls sounding loud to get the dogs attention. Thanks, for listening. Ty

    • Bill Woll says:

      I experienced that same thing Sat. AM, Flight A, dog #178.
      I agree with your comment that the bird boy needed to blow the call towards the line to get the dogs attention. Unfortunately this did not always happen!
      There will always be variables that change (wind from one day to another, flyer fall location, etc.), however this is one which is more controllable!

  4. Marty says:

    The slate of judges was voted on. Where are the results?

  5. Jack says:

    Isn’t it something that Flt A pictures are coming out. Anyone notice that the judge doesn’t abide my his own rule #7 that was handed out on “Handlers Instructions Sheet” at the handlers meeting. Who shows up better, to the dogs, when the handler was handling? If only the dogs could speak. Wonder why the judge didn’t abide to rule, EVEN after it was brought to his attition in the 1st series? Then continued to wear it in the second series as well. What about the marshal? The commitee? Wonder if its in the AKC reps. report? The rules were not enforced at the NATIONAL level. Whats the piont of having them?

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