MN Black Lab Vodka Raffle Winners

Master National Corporate Sponsor Liaison Alice Rodriguez would like the Black Lab Vodka Raffle Winners to know they haven’t been forgotten!

Due to Hurricane Sandy, the Black Lab Vodka bottles that were scheduled to be shipped to the winners have been stuck in New Jersey. Officials say the shipping will be delayed approximately two weeks.

Alice is asking for your patience, and assures everyone they will receive their gifts as soon as possible. Please be patient and we apologize for the delay.

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12 Responses to MN Black Lab Vodka Raffle Winners

  1. Linda says:

    It’s no big deal at all! I hate that so many were affected by Sandy.

  2. Bill Cox says:

    Hi Alice, I have one of the Black Lab Vodka tags from my bottle and need your address to send it to you…..I live in Indiana and am not sure if you can send to Indiana because I could not hear well….if you can’t ship to Indiana I have friends in Illinois or Michigan I could have it sent to……love the bottle and want to know also about buying some for Christmas gifts, but need to know what states you can ship to …..or if I can buy it in Illinois or Indiana…..The master national was great fun, and the tables looked so festive with the wine center pieces……Thanks, Bill Cox 219-508-44455

  3. chmhfcr says:

    Thanks for the heads up. The tables did look wonderful and I was so excited to win the centerpieces. Thanks for all your efforts Alice.

  4. 7labradors says:

    Can the centerpieces be purchased also?

  5. Jack Gravely says:

    Have been waiting for 2 months and still no bottle. Have made several calls and left messages but Alice has not responded

  6. 1jmccurry says:

    It is now Feb 4th. and similar to Jack Gravely, I have not received my bottle of Black Lab Hooch.
    Jim McCurry – Kearney, Ne.

  7. Wendy Wo says:

    I have not recieved mine either. I have personally spoken with Alice 2 times, she has not followed thru as promised both times. Not sure what the problem is but it has been a waiste of my time following up on it. Is it even worth it?
    Wendy Wo
    Feb. 4th

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