2012 Master National Photos

Greetings to all. EVERYTHING we photographed has now been uploaded except the recovered files from Flight B, Series 1 (still waiting on Lexar) and photos from the Awards Ceremony.
Thank you all for your patience. Attached are a couple of print ideas for those wanting to do something special to commemorate this Master National. Call or email for sizes and pricing. Thanks!
Happy New Year! Mark Atwater and the entire team @ UpClose Photo
(229) 524-6187 office or (229) 220-9333 cell18x24 Poster Print II_proof

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2 Responses to 2012 Master National Photos

  1. Karen Kennedy says:

    Mia, How do we get pictures from images that were put up on the MN blog……..???? I’m not sure if you were taking them or someone else…… Thanks, Karen

    • Mia DiBenedetto says:

      Hi Karen
      It depends what picture you are looking for. If you are looking at the slideshows posted on the MN blog, then some were taken by me, others sent to me from MN folks, and others were from Mark Atwater. If I took it you certainly are welcome to have a copy, but if it’s from Mark you would have to purchase them from UpClosePhoto.com — Let me know what picture you are referring to. Happy New Year, Mia.

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