Master National Pre Training Information

June, 2013

June, 2013

Hunt Test Chairman Larry Kimble said Training Birds will be available daily from 7 a.m. until 1 p.m. at the front office at Flint Oak Lodge, 2639 Quail Road, Fall River, Kansas from September 14 – 19.  (620) 658-4401.

Game birds (quail, pheasant and chuckar) are also available for training in Independence, Kansas.  Pickups by appointment from M & L Game Birds, 3080 CR3300, Independence, Kansas.  Call  (620) 289-4522 or email   for reservations

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10 Responses to Master National Pre Training Information

  1. Paul McGinnis says:

    Will there be maps available for training areas the week prior to the MN?

  2. Mia DiBenedetto says:

    Yes Paul. The Hunt Test Chair is working on the Pre Training book, and you will have descriptions and pictures of the training sites. Instructions on signing up for training grounds will also be posted prior to the pre-training week. Thanks for your patience.

  3. Rex says:

    Mia, as you know, quality of the birds is important for MNRC training. Will both mallard ducks (drakes and hens) as well as pheasants (roosters and hens) be available from Flint Oak? Are the birds provided by Kiley Buettner? Can crates be left overnight and picked up the following morning as in the past? Sorry for the multiple questions. Many are trying to make travel arrangements and determine when to arrive in Kansas depending upon availability of pre-MNRC training grounds and birds. The quicker y’all can publish information on training grounds would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all you do!

    • Mia DiBenedetto says:

      Rex, here is the answer from Hunt Test Chairman Larry Kimble.
      Training book will be available to post online shortly. In that book is listings for Flint Oak and another upland bird supplier.

      Training birds (no pheasant hens) are available from Sept 15th thru 19th. Birds must be purchased from the Flint Oak office. Their receipt is your bird ticket. Present the receipt to Kinley Butner, MN bird steward, at the T-barn with kennels out front across and down from the Flint Oak office. Yes, on crate and pre-purchases of birds.

  4. Rex says:

    Mia, another question (sorry). What are the rules in Kansas about shooting live flyers (pen-raised mallards and pheasants)? Do we need a Kansas non-resident hunting license? Is there a temporary license to cover the event? Do the migratory birds need to be banded before shot? Do training grounds where live flyers are shot need special permits? I didn’t find much help online from the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks website… Many thanks!

  5. Paul McGinnis says:

    The training grounds guide doesn’t seem to download. It might just be my computer.

  6. Dale says:

    Hi, what will the ducks and pheasents cost? Thanks

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