Kansas Hunting License and Bird Requirements

Hunting License Required-
Whether shooting ducks or pheasants at the Master National event or during training,  a hunting license is required. For Kansas residents a hunting license is required. For non-residents a CSA (Control Shooting Area) license is required. The license is a one-year license costing $17.50.

The above pertains to Flint Oak Property and Training Grounds designated by the MNRC for this year’s event. If you are training on property other than the above, other regulations may apply and you should check with the Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks at http://www.kdwpt.state.ks for details to insure you are in compliance.

The license form can be filled out and submitted to Flint Oak. The Flint Oak office will hold your license for pickup or mail it to you.  This location is the same office where training birds will be paid for.

Bird Requirements –
The pen raised ducks and pheasants used for training require a receipt from the seller to be in the buyers possession. Live duck and pheasant event birds will be banded prior to being placed in the winger.

CLICK HERE for the CSA Hunting License

Signed License form must be returned with payment to: Flint Oak
 2639 Quail Road, Fall River, KS 67047
Phone:  620-658-4401 and Fax:   620-658-4806

Email:   AKCMN@flintoak.com
Office Hours: Wednesday to Saturday 8 am to 6 pm
Sunday 8 am to 5 pm

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2 Responses to Kansas Hunting License and Bird Requirements

  1. Paul McGinnis says:

    Is the CSA license going to cover handlers who are training outside of the Flint Oak club or will we need a regular non-resident hunting license?

  2. Paul McGinnis says:

    I was doing a little research and found a few Kansas laws that “MAY” pertain to dog training. Go to:
    http://kdwpt.state.ks.us/news/Services/Law-Enforcement/Regulations/Dog-Training to see the other laws that might affect us.

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