Monday & Tuesday: Master National

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10 Responses to Monday & Tuesday: Master National

  1. Dina Nelson says:

    Hey! Put up a pic of John and Karen Blackbird! Tell them their relatives are watching back in MN!
    Tell them “Much love from Dina”.

  2. Carrie Raney says:

    Tell Steve Raney in flight C that his wife, Carrie, is missing him and all the dogs. I am so proud of them all!!!!! Love you Steve xoxoxo!!

  3. claire harnick says:

    Hi All…bet Your having fun…we’re biting our nails waiting for callbacks ….
    hasn’t the 2nd series been completed??

    • Mia DiBenedetto says:

      We are posting Callbacks within Twenty minutes ! Second series were posted within 20 minutes of the callbacks. Be sure to refresh your page! They are posted.

      • Carrie Raney says:

        Just a FYI. I can see the callbacks on my Droid Cell Phone & my IPad but for what ever reason they do not show posted on my computer using internet explorer no mater how many times I refresh. I have a few clients telling me the same thing. If you can’t see them posted try another source.

  4. Mia DiBenedetto says:

    Just FYI. In IE you might need to clear your cache, and delete your cookies.I would suggest using Firefox or Chrome, but if you like IE, you can try that solution. Thanks. Mia

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