2014 Hall of Fame Video

3768yellowlabwebCalling all FIRST TIME qualifiers of the Master National Hall Of Fame. If you would like your dog included in our Master National Hall of Fame Inductee video shown at the 2014 Master National event.

To be included, please fill out the Hall Of Fame form and send along with a picture to the Master National. The form includes the necessary information to add your dog. Keep in mind; we also need a JPG image to be included with the form. Deadline for submissions is September 12th!

*Special Note: The slideshow presentation is created in a Horizontal (landscape) format.  Photos look best if they are displayed in a horizontal (landscape) layout rather thank a vertical (portrait) format.  We will make whatever we receive work, but if you take a look at our previous HOF videos, you will clearly see the difference

First Time HOF Qualifiers Click Here: Hall Of Fame Form

To View Previous Hall of Fame Inductees and Retirement Videos
Click Here: http://mnrc.publishpath.com/video


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3 Responses to 2014 Hall of Fame Video

  1. Bill Teague says:

    Neat; thanks, Mia.

    Have a great day!

    Bill T. Teague

    Nacogdoches, TX

  2. jim mccurry says:

    How do we go about submitting retiring dogs for 2015 MN??

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