Notice: Proposals for the 2016 Master National

Notice to all MNRC Members:The Master National Retriever Club

Please be sure your clubs are aware that Proposals for the
2016 Master National
are due by January 15, 2015.

Clubs in Region 2 can submit their proposals to become a host club/clubs to Master National Retriever Club Secretary
Elaine Goodner via email or by post.
(Mailing Address: 2817 Duell Ave., Medford, OR 97501)

There is no formal format you must present, but pictures and explanations of resources are useful.  In addition to the Host Grounds, please include the numbers for the amount of people you can accommodate, numbers of housing units available, and food and banquet facilities.  If you would like to see previously submitted proposals, please contact Elaine Goodner for examples.

Looking forward to a great 2016 event!  Thank you.  Sam Ferguson, MNRC President

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3 Responses to Notice: Proposals for the 2016 Master National

  1. Steven F Schroeder says:

    Where on your blog or website do you list the dates for future MN events? e.g. 2015, 2016, etc.

    • Mia DiBenedetto says:

      The MNRC homepage ( clearly shows the dates for the 2015 Master National.
      2015 Master National Oct. 15-25, Cheraw, SC. So does our MN Facebook page. And the blog that details the dates is here:

      The 2016 Site has not been selected, therefore a date is not available. I hope this helps. Mia

  2. Laura says:

    To add to what Mia stated, the Club that is selected to host the event in future years then gets to set the date of the event, as it usually needs to not conflict with local duck seasons, or other special events held in that geographical area. So once the Club is selected for that year, they determine the exact dates of the event ~ hence no date yet past 2015. Hope that helps your planning!

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