Survey on MNRC Growth Strategies

Dear Master National Handlers and Member Clubs,

DSC_0161The Master National Retriever Club Board of Directors handed out almost a 1,000 copies of the Growth Strategies Survey  at the Master National.

To date we have received only a few back from the membership and handlers. We want to hear from you.  Your comments and input is important to us!

Please take the time before the holidays to submit your opinions and comments on this important issue.  Deadline for submissions is Dec. 31, 2014

The Survey Can Be Found at the END of the Growth Strategies document.   Please send your completed survey to MNRC Secretary:
Elaine Goodner
2817 Duell Ave
Medford, OR

Thanks.  Elaine

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5 Responses to Survey on MNRC Growth Strategies

  1. Bill Teague says:


    Forgive my technical inability but how do I find the ‘comments’ from members/handlers on the ‘Strategies’?

    Many thanks, my friend.

    Have a great day!

    Bill T. Teague

    Nacogdoches, TX

  2. rex gibson says:

    Mia, the pdf format does not allow responses to be sent to MNRC. It needs to be interactive. It may be easier/better to post a reply page on facebook. Several Texas clubs have shared this post on facebook. But, no one can reply to the survey.

    Thanks for all you do!
    Rex Gibson

  3. Mia DiBenedetto says:

    Thank you for your comments. Responses can be sent in an email to Secretary Elaine Goodner if that is easier for you. If folks feel passionate about their input, is it really to much work to create a word document and email? Or hand write answers and mail to the Secretary? May I remind you we are a ‘volunteer’ organization and while EVERYTHING should be interactive, we don’t always have the staff to complete these tasks. Thank you for listening.

  4. Pierce Blitch, III says:

    Mia, many owner/handlers were not at the Master National. I was there for 3 days of pretraining and then had to go back to Work and left the dog with a professional handler. This is the FIRST that I have heard of the survey. I have copied and pasted th is to our Club page. I’m glad that Elaine made this post. Hopefully more people will respond.

  5. Jim McCurry says:

    Hey Mia!
    I have a suggestion from the MN in Corning. I bought a License Plate holder with a slogan printed on the holder. However, with time the slogan gets covered easily.
    .Further, it’s too small to see from any distance. I suggest on the next order, they make the lettering much larger, so it stands out boldly. I received one when I purchased a newer pick up and the letters clearly stand out to announce the dealer’s name. I would like to show that I boldly, “Run With The Best”

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