2015 Winter Board Meeting

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The Board of Directors meeting was held Feb. 7 & 8, 2015 in Hartsville, South Carolina.  In attendance was MNRC President Sam Ferguson, Past President Janet Wood, Secretary Elaine Goodner, Treasurer Jimmy Hughes, Region 1 VP Jack Combs, Region 1 Director Bob Swift, Region 2 VP Jace Tramontin, Region 2 Director Allen Dillard, Region 3 VP Larry Kimble, Region 3 Director Keith Winch, Region 4 VP Kevin Bunnell and Region 4 Director Randy Frager.

Also present at the meeting were Master National Hunt Test Secretary Frank Barton, Merchandise/Store Manager Pam Bunnell, Corporate Sponsor Liaison Alice Rodriguez and Communications Director Mia DiBenedetto.

The Board was treated to a comprehensive tour of the test grounds and Coker College meeting facilities by Host Club representatives Michelle Love and Laurice Williams and Butch Driggers, H. Cooper Black  Memorial Field Trial Area Manager.

The Board spent the weekend making plans to ensure a terrific event for 2015 as well as other MNRC business.  As most folks know, the 2016 Master National site was selected and will be held at the August A. Busch Conservation Area in Weldon Spring, MO Sept. 29- Oct. 9,  2016.  Congratulations to the Host Club King River Retriever Club!

Also on the agenda was some difficult and heated discussions concerning the complex issues facing the future growth of our sport. The Board reviewed the comments and suggestions put forward by individuals and clubs and are working hard to develop strategies for growth and the immense challenges ahead.

Details on action plans and proposals will be posted as it becomes available.

Many thanks to Board Member Randy Frager for taking such terrific pictures!

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1 Response to 2015 Winter Board Meeting

  1. Paul Rudar says:

    I heard some clubs that have been bombarded with master entries in hunt tests.Plan to drop out as affiliate for mnrc sponsored test.The idea being it will cut down on entries. I know this issue has been discussed by nmrc. And I don’t know if there is a solution. But I thought mnrc should know what is going on.

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