Master National ‘Hat Survey’

Handlers Hat

Just one of 6 styles of Hat– check them out and vote for your favorite!

News from the Master National Event Store

MNRC Store Managers Pam Bunnell & Terri Elliot decided this year to do a hat survey of the hat-wearing folks to see what would be a good choice to sell at the Master National event store.  These are NOT the hats provided to all handlers’ just the ones we sell in the store at the event.

Attached is a PDF file with photos and descriptions of several hats that we have to choose from. Next to each is a Ratings Box where we hope you will fill out and email back to us.

Email Pam Bunnell or Email Terri Elliot with your top choice!

We’d like to have it back by April 30th so we have time to order the most popular one chosen by you all. (or y’all).

If you don’t want to fill out the whole survey but you want to vote, just send the email back with the style number in the message area!

Each hat will have the MN logo on it in the normal front spot.

Click Here To See All Six Hat Styles 

(Note: if the PDF won’t allow you to type, save it to your computer, type in your answers, & then save it again to be attached to your reply)

Thanks everyone! Pam & Terry

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5 Responses to Master National ‘Hat Survey’

  1. Gloria Nusbickel says:

    Will the interior be white on which ever style wins?

    • Terry Elliott says:

      We have no control over the color of the interior of the hat. In fact it isn’t even listed on our catalog so the safe thing would be to assume its the wrong side of the pattern on the hat. Think about the right & wrong side of a piece of fabric.
      Thanks Gloria— Terry

  2. behawley says:

    Cannot tell without trying on- you pick

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Chris Nagy says:

    203ISSent from Yahoo Ma

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