The Impact of the Master National on AKC Weekend Hunt Tests

RRRetriever Results has just published a report on the impact of the Master National event on the hunt test community.

Josephine Ottman & Russell Iuliano of Retriever Results used their extensive database to try to understand what impact if any, attempts to qualify for the Master National have on AKC Weekend Hunt Test entries.

The results may greatly surprise you!
Take A Look at the Full Report Here: Retriever Results

Here is an Executive Summary of what they found.

Dogs entered in Master stakes:
  • 3417 dogs (80% labs), averaging 5.4 years old, ran on average 5 master events and passed 55% of stakes entered
  • Of these, 23% passed every weekend test entered and 21% failed every test entered. 20% of the dogs entered just one event.
MH-titled dogs
  • 44% of dogs entered in master stakes have a MH title.
    • Enter 2.3x more events (8.8 on average), pass 1.8x more tests (8%) and are 8 months older (6.0 years old)
  • As more MH titled dogs enter a weekend event:
    • Pass rate for MH titled dogs remains unchanged at about 67%
    • Pass rate for non-MH titled dogs falls by 20%, averaging 37%

Qualifying for the Master National

  • 24% of dogs entered in a master stake ultimately qualify for the Master National
  • After qualifying, over half (51%) continue to enter an additional 2.7 weekend events (6% of all entries)


The entire report can be found at Retriever

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1 Response to The Impact of the Master National on AKC Weekend Hunt Tests

  1. jim mccurry says:

    I have been reading their report, but, don’t see where it relates to the number of entries to the MN?
    It, basically, takes 6 passes to qualify and they show 5 passes for the time period. I would like to know, on average, how many entries are needed to qualify for MN? How many entries came out of Senior Division to qualify in first year? What are the entries and the success ratios of Amateur to Professional handlers? Does any of this data support the idea of cutting back on the proposed number of entries to qualify for the MN? Lot of data, but, could use more direction, I think.

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