MNRC Launches Master National Store Online

MNStoreThe Master National Retriever Club is pleased to announce the launch of a new Master National Merchandise Store online!  Select items with the Master National logo are now available for sale on the website.

Our ‘expert’ store ladies Pam Bunnell and Terry Elliott are getting ready for the 25th Anniversary store located at the 2016 Master National event in Weldon Spring, Mo. In the meantime check out some of the items for sale before the event.

This year the Master National store located at the event promises to be bigger and better than ever so be sure to stop by while you’re there.

Enjoy shopping and see you soon in St. Louis!

Click Here to Enter the Master National Store Online

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3 Responses to MNRC Launches Master National Store Online

  1. Rex Gibson says:

    Mia, (Pam and Terry), is the online store only for MNRC logo gear, or is 2015 Event MNRC gear available online as well?

    • Mia DiBenedetto, MNRC Communications Director says:

      Rex the online store just has a “few” of the items that are featured in the store. The store will carry many many items, merchandise outside of the clothing, too. The online store will not include anything more than they have now. Does that answer your question. Thanks Mia

  2. John
    The Master National Store online is closed until November. The MNRC will open a store on site in the Coker College facility in Hartsville. The HOST clubs sell their own merchandise, as shown on their Facebook page. This allows the Host clubs to sell some items as a fundraiser. The official MASTER NATIONAL logo is available only on shirts (polo and tshirts)– available at the MNRC store. The host club has their own logo and will see their own shirts in remembrance of the MNRC event in Cheraw. I hope this clears things up? Happy Shopping.

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