Pre-Master National training draw set

The draw for pre-Master National training grounds will be held at the Club House at  the H. Cooper Black on Saturday, October 10th at 4 p.m. and again on Tuesday,
October 13th at 6 p.m.

H Cooper Black Clubhouse

H Cooper Black Clubhouse

The draw on Saturday will be for three days, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  The draw on Tuesday will be for Wednesday and Thursday.

Training guides will be available at the MNRC Headquarters (Fairfield Inn, 200 South 4th Street, Hartsville)  at H. Cooper Black and at other various hotels in Cheraw and Hartsville.
Note: If you have already made arrangements for private training grounds please do not enter the draw for these areas.

Additional information about the draw will be available at a later date.

Thank you.
Michelle Love and Laurice Williams
on behalf of Cooper River, Neuse & Lumber River Retriever Clubs

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One Response to Pre-Master National training draw set

  1. Frank Barton is the correct person as MNRC Hunt Test Secretary. You can email Frank Barton @ Sorry we won’t see you in Cheraw. Perhaps in St. Louis in 2016.

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