Attention Member Clubs & Delegates: Proposed By-Laws Change

DSC_0034All Master National Retriever Club Contacts and Delegates should have received two documents along with a ballot regarding  proposed by-laws change for 2016.

Please review these proposed by law changes with your membership and return the ballot by mail or email to Secretary Elaine Goodner.  If your club has not received any of the three documents, contact Elaine immediately.

Document 1

Document 2
Recommendation AGAINST the 50%+1-JT

Email questions to:

Or by mail to:  Elaine Goodner
2817 Duell Ave.
Medford, OR 97501

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2 Responses to Attention Member Clubs & Delegates: Proposed By-Laws Change

  1. LAURA JUDD says:

    I wish all the proposals, and rebuttals, and ballots had all gone out as one e-mail. The way this has been presented has been very confusing. I believe I also should have been given an opportunity to rebut Jace’s statement before this went out.

    I just want to cite one of many, basic examples that went into my decision to make this proposal::
    In Maryland several years ago, a proposal was made by then President elect to simply be able to pay the regular bills without having to get a second signature. The By-Laws state that any bill over $1000 requires two signatures. Difficult to do when the Board lives all over the country. About half way through the meeting many of the delegates, for completely unrelated reasons, left. The proposal, which was completely ordinary and necessary to conduct the business of the club, was defeated due to a lack of a 2/3 majority.

    Its that simple. The Organization needs to be able to function efficiently and get business done. Sometimes, change is progress!

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