Meet 2018 President Kevin Bunnell

The 2018 Master National will be held in Roseburg, Oregon on October 18-28 an taking the helm of our ship will be former Region IV Vice President Kevin Bunnell.  We thought you might like to get to know Kevin as he embarks on a journey for the love of the sport. Good Luck Kevin!

I live in Roseburg, Oregon with my wife Pam of 45 years. We have two sons, five granddaughters, and 4 black Labradors. My occupation as a self-employed contractor has given me the freedom to devote a lot of time to this sport.

I have been involved with hunting dogs for about 30 years. It was in the early 90’s that I was introduced to the “hunt test” sport of training and testing. When I was first introduced to this sport, my main objective was to learn
new training techniques to improve the hunting abilities of my dogs. An older gentleman, Bob Klausman, shared his observation that a lot of people start this sport to improve their hunting dogs. However, it wasn’t long before the sport of training and retrieving overtook the sport of hunting. At the time, I heartily disagreed. After twenty five years of training, testing, judging and lots of money … Bob Klausman was so right!!

I have trained and titled 10 Master Hunters. I also had the privilege of judging the 2007 Master National. I am a founding member of the Umpqua Valley Retriever Club, the 2018 Master National Host Club, and have served on the board for many years. My family and friends know that from February to October, judging and running dogs are my obsession, Pam and I are on the road “Doggin It”.

Our social calendar is scheduled around hunt tests, training days, and judging. Hopefully no weddings or funerals are
planned around this time – because I probably won’t be able to attend! My kids have labeled me a “Hunt Test Junky”.

I’ve come to realize that attending the Master National is like a class reunion of sorts. The friendships, comradery and shared successes and failures are what I cherish most. After all, where else can you go and find a whole field of “Hunt Test Junkies”?

It is an honor to serve on the Master National Board of Directors as the president of this organization. It is
my goal to orchestrate a smooth and successful event. Fun and comradery will be the main focus.

Please feel free to contact me through email or phone at any time. I love talking dogs!!

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3 Responses to Meet 2018 President Kevin Bunnell

  1. Chris Nagy says:

    Welcome Kevin. Thanks so much for recognizing Bob Klusman. He and his wife Nita were a pleasure to learn from. You will do a terrific job as President this year.
    ~Chris Nagy

  2. David Christianson says:

    Best wishes for you and your board in 2018. I am sure it I’ll be a great event as usual.

  3. Good for you Kevin!
    They finally have someone that truly knows
    What this sport started out to be. I wish
    Sometimes I was still doing it. But as you
    Know there is way to many people that
    have been getting away from what it
    was when it started. That’s about the
    Guy with his hunting dog that wanted
    to have some fun with it and make his
    dog into a better hunting dog. I started in
    the early 80s and think it’s just gotten
    to much into the Pro training and not
    the guy and his dog. You will do a great job
    and I am very happy for you.

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