A Look Back at Master National Over the Years

It’s been 27 years since the First Master National Event was held in 1991 in Glasgow, Delaware. Just 94 dogs started that event.

In celebration of those years, we would like to salute your memories in a special Video to be presented at the 2018 Master National!  This is a call for photos for our video.  We are especially interested in photos of our handlers having fun, working at the test, and pictures of the ground.

Please email a good quality .gif or .jpg Master National photo to masternational@gmail.com

If you know the year your photo was taken please include that in the email.  Let the Fun Begin.

And in case you are wondering, pictured in the above photo from 1991 are the First Master National Plate Qualifiers and to the right are Handlers Aurelia Carter and Janet Woods giving each other the High-5!

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1 Response to A Look Back at Master National Over the Years

  1. James Stucker says:

    I started with Doug Shade in 1998 and was there from 1999 to 2001 what and experience I will never forget those times. My first dog qualified via Doug in 2006 in California. What a pleasure to have our dog qualify. Miss it so
    Much one day we will
    Be back. Proud of John Kinard judginf this year.

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