New Region 2 Director to Serve on MNRC Board

Frank Barton has been appointed to the Master National Retriever Club Board of Directors as Director for Region 2 to fill a vacancy for Corrine Clavey.  Corrine resigned from the Board of Directors for family reasons. She has served on the MNRC Board since 2016.

For those new to the sport here’s a brief bio about Frank Barton:

I attended my first Master National event in 2003. It was during that event that I first witnessed the deep and profound influence that the Master National Retriever Club had on many retriever enthusiasts. Shortly after that event I was appointed to be the Club Secretary and Event Secretary. I later also served as the Club Treasurer. I still serve in the role of Master National Event Secretary.

In 2008 I developed an entry system specifically for the MNRC event which has been in use continuously since that time. In 2016 fellow board member Jack Combs and I developed the system currently in place to track qualifiers for our annual event.

I am an avid duck hunter and fortunate that I can hunt 45-55 days a year in my home state of Arkansas. My regular hunting companions are also dedicated retriever trainers and we enjoy our mornings talking about our common bonds of ducks and dogs.

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2 Responses to New Region 2 Director to Serve on MNRC Board

  1. Jim McCurry says:

    Congratulations to Frank Barton. Terrific choice to lead the Master National onward toward a bright future.

  2. Bill Blochowiak says:

    Congratulations Frankn

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