Calling for Photos of 2018 Hall of Fame Dogs

It’s time to get your information together so you can include your dog in the 2018 Master National Hall of Fame Video. The video will premiere at the Handler’s Banquet at the 2019 Master National in Cheraw, South Carolina and will be posted on the Master National website following the event. The deadline for submissions is August 1th.

Here’s what you need to know. Go to the New Hall of Fame video form page, fill out the video form and send your entry with a photo as soon as possible!  Thank you and see you soon in Cheraw, SC October 17-27.

2018 Hall of Fame Retriever Video

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2 Responses to Calling for Photos of 2018 Hall of Fame Dogs

  1. 1jmccurry says:


    Was wondering about a “last retrieve” tribute to those dogs that have participated in MN and have passed on?

    Lost my buddy Jet to hip dysplasia last month, and would like to honor him in some way.

    Thank you,

    Jim McCurry


    • Kayla Powell says:

      I just spoke with Mia on the phone, our dog passed a few weeks ago due to stomach torsion. She said we are able to retire them. Hope that helps you!

      Thank you,

      Kayla Powell

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