Host Committee Named For 2019 Master National

In 2019 a Master National Host Committee, not an official club, was selected to run the event.  The Event will be chaired by CSL Board Member Michelle Love along with key committee members.  Those members include but are not limited to:  Robert Roscoe (VP Region 1), Laurice Williams, Keith Maready, Trish Jagoda, Mary Harding, Robert Ehlers, Drew Neubauer, Lee Hanes, Betsy PohlMary Gregg,  Joel Porter and Linc Huffman. Other committee members are being added.

The event will take place October 17-27 at the H Cooper Black Sporting Dog Facility in Cheraw SC.  The Hampton Inn in Hartsville, SC will be the Host Hotel.

More details and information will become available soon.

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2 Responses to Host Committee Named For 2019 Master National

  1. Bill Teague says:

    Thanks; sounds like a good decision. Hope ya’ll are well, my friend.

    Warm regards,


    Bill T. Teague

    Nacogdoches, Tx 75964

  2. 1jmccurry says:

    Sounds good to me. Hope we will be able to attend this year after double ACL tears on my pup.
    Also, was wondering if our little family of handlers and owners are keeping aware of the fires going
    on in California? That town of Paridise devastated by fire, appears to be about 50 miles from Corning where we held the Western Regional MN. Just wondering about the Marin County Club
    and if they could use some support?

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