2019 Master National Training Birds

Robbie Davis, Drakes and Hens, LLC, is the bird supplier for the 2019 Master National.

While all birds at the event will be mallard drakes or rooster pheasants, training birds may be ordered as either sex or random mix.
Prices range from $12 to $14.50 and is determined by sex and type. Please call Robbie for details.

Birds may be ordered at any time but will only be delivered to H Cooper Black beginning October 12, 2019. You may arrange for pick up at the bird farm prior to or after the 12th.

Orders must be placed at least 24 hours prior to delivery.

PLEASE NOTE: You are responsible for the proper disposal of training birds. The dumpsters at Cooper Black are NOT to be used for bird disposal.

A Bird Disposal Pit is located near Goose Pond.  There will be a sign to show you its location. Birds MUST BE disposed of in Burlap bags, absolutely NO plastic or trash.

Attention Master National Gunners: 
By South Carolina state law, anyone shooting birds at the event is covered under the Field Trial Permit and is not required to get a South Carolina hunting license.

Shooting Birds during Pre-National Training
However, the Field Trial Permit does NOT apply to pre-national training or training groups.  Temporary and non-resident licenses may be purchased online at the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

TO ORDER YOUR TRAINING BIRDS CALL Robbie Davis: 803.968.1163

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