2019 Master National Diagrams

Diagrams will become available as the Test progresses.



Mallard Pond Land/ Water

Goose Land

Mid Goose Land/Water

Palmetto West Land

Palmetto East Land

Larry’s Pond Land/Water

Boatwright Land

Upper Goose Land/Water

Upper Goose Water

Mallard Pond Land

Mallard Pond Water

Rolling Hills Water

Lee’s Pond Water

Wood Duck Water

Wood Duck Land/Water

Rolling Hills Land

Larry’s Back 40 Land

Boatwright Land/Water

Larry’s Pond Water

Lee’s Pond Land/Water

Boatwright Water

Bird Dog Lane Land



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5 Responses to 2019 Master National Diagrams

  1. Katie Quarles says:

    Hi Mia – where will the callbacks be posted? Guessing I’m not the only one unable to be there that’s hungry for information!!

  2. Jennifer says:

    How do we know which Flight is at which setup. Is there a list?

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