2020 Master National Tests Will Use Ducks Only

A notice to our 2020 Master National Retriever Hunt Test participants from MNRC President Allen Dillard:

As our event continues to grow, it has reached a size that has forced the Master National Retriever Club Board of Directors to consider any and all options to help the event operate more efficiently while continuing to test the best hunting retrievers at the highest level.

These discussions have been challenging as the reality set in that all meaningful options would require a change in the way we operate and conduct the event.

Recently the Board decided to implement a change for the 2020 event in Minnesota. All game used for this event will be drake ducks. While we understand this decision may not be popular with everyone, it will greatly simplify our bird stewarding requirements and improve flight rotation efficiency.

Thank you for supporting the Master National. See you in St. Cloud!

Allen Dillard

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1 Response to 2020 Master National Tests Will Use Ducks Only

  1. David Boothman says:

    be even more efficient to use bumpers

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