MNRC Announcement Regarding COVID-19 Situation

The Master National Retriever Club is acutely aware of the circumstances developing due to the cancellation of AKC hunt tests in response to the COVID-19 situation.

The MNRC supports all member clubs who have made this difficult decision for the safety and well-being of their local community, their event workers, and their participants.

The MNRC is monitoring the status of regularly scheduled hunt tests and assessing the information and guidance currently available from our governing authorities.

Our goal is to develop a continuity plan that will allow the 2020 Master National Retriever Club Hunt Test to be conducted as scheduled in September in Minnesota (Sept. 24-Oct. 4).   I want to assure you that any such plan/program will be developed with due consideration for the health and safety of all hunt test participants, our member clubs and their events, and our local host committee.

Our actions will be deliberate but decisive.  We appreciate your patience as we work through the options that may be available to us.  We thank you for your support as we navigate this unprecedented event.

Allen Dillard, 2020 Master National President

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7 Responses to MNRC Announcement Regarding COVID-19 Situation

  1. Bill Blochowiak says:

    Great approach

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  2. Annette T Pacheco says:

    Thank you.

    Make the most of your day with a smile!


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  3. jaynrae says:

    So I’m confused, how does one become qualified for a national event if there are no weekend hunt tests. Considering the fact, that you have to pass a given number of weekend test to qualify for the national event.

    jay phelps

  4. Bill Autrey says:

    Mr Dillard , I am sure you have already been thinking of it , but with the closure of many of the hunt test , can you also look at possibly lowering the # of qualifying passes it takes to enter this years Master National? Thanks in advance … Bill Autrey

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