MNRC Sets New Requirements for 2021 Event

Dear Members of the Master National Community,

These past few weeks have been a reminder of just how connected we are to one another.  I want to thank you for your patience as we adjust to the new realities presented to us by the coronavirus pandemic.

We have taken a variety of measures to respond to these unprecedented and challenging circumstances, actions and decisions that were never contemplated and that I hope are never presented to us again. Our two main priorities will continue to be: first, the health, safety and well-being of everyone who participates in the Master National in any capacity whatsoever; and, second, the continuity of our mission to conduct the premier hunt test event in a manner that respects and protects the integrity of our sport.

We recognize that a critical element of moving forward is the determination of the 2021 qualification criteria.  To that end, we assembled a committee to evaluate those options in light of our mission, while also considering the impact that the 2020 cancellation has had on our sport.  This committee was not just comprised of MNRC board members.  It also included individuals who are long tenured with the Master National and represent the varied interests of our broad constituency.  This committee invested hours into this effort over the last couple of weeks, contributing ideas and debating the pluses and minuses.  I want to personally thank them for their collaborative and constructive efforts to submit a recommendation to the MNRC board.  These people represent the true spirit of the Master National and are the reason I am proud to be a part of this sport.

The MNRC board has approved the following transition qualification criteria for the 2021 event to be held in Valley County, ID. The qualifying period will be August 1, 2020 to July 31, 2021.

  • MNH dogs will be fully qualified for the 2021 event
  • MNR dogs (dogs that have earned 2 plates) will be fully qualified for the 2021 event
  • Dogs that received a qualifying score at the 2019 event will receive credit for 2 Master passes toward the 2021 qualification
    • These dogs will need to earn 4 Master passes during the 2021 qualification period
  • Dogs that earned 4+ Master passes during the 2020 qualification period and had a MH title at the end of the 2020 qualifying period will receive credit for 2 Master passes toward the 2021 qualification
      • These dogs will need to earn 4 Master passes during the 2021 qualification period
  • All other dogs will be required to earn 6 Master passes during the 2021 qualification periodNotes:
    • No dog will receive credit for more than 2 Master passes for the 2021 qualifying period (with the exception of MNH and MNR dogs that are fully qualified)
    • These transition criteria are for the 2021 event only

These are challenging times, but we must move forward with confidence that this event will soon be behind us.  The MNRC is moving forward as effectively as possible, continually monitoring current circumstances and adapting as required.

All of these measures are subject to modification in light of a change in future circumstances. The safety and welfare of our participants is as important now as ever. Our model has changed for the foreseeable future, but we are committed to returning to a normal condition as soon as is practicably possible. We appreciate your patience, understanding, and cooperation as we negotiate this transition.



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5 Responses to MNRC Sets New Requirements for 2021 Event

  1. Linda Bunkfeldt Popp says:

    The transitional criteria for entering 2021 is the same as precovid. What is going to change after 2021. And what happens to the folks in states where clubs are cancelling trials because of covid making it even harder to get into trials that are being held… all spots are filled in 2 minutes after a trial opens.

  2. Ed Wojciechowski says:

    Good Job MNRC Officers,Board, and contributors. Tough times require tough decisions.

  3. Dora Heffelfinger says:

    Did I read the qualifications incorrectly or do dogs that were qualified for the 2020 event but already had their MH title have to get 6 passes?

  4. Dora, the way I read it, it looks like you would need to pass just four to qualify.

  5. Dora Heffelfinger says:

    I hope it is only 4 because it is going to be hard to get in the tests with all the cancellations.

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