About the Master National Retriever Club

The Master National Retriever Club, Inc., is committed to the hunting tradition, devoted to the promotion, breeding, training, and best interests of retrievers. In order to carry out our commitment, Master Hunters will be tested annually in a non-competitive manner at the Master National Stake to the maximum of the standard as set out by the AKC. We believe firmly in supporting the hunting test program and that all participants should conduct themselves as good sportsmen. To obtain the maximum of the standard there shall be such utilization of terrain, bird placement, and natural conditions so as to provide a significant challenge to the abilities of a master hunting dog.

Please visit the Master National Retriever Club website at:  http://www.masternational.com/

And join us on Facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/masternationalretrieverclub

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3 Responses to About the Master National Retriever Club

  1. George Marthinuss says:

    How do I find out when one of my dogs qualifies for this year’s event? I had a dog qualify (Bronte Creeks Max SR20214701). He pasted 6 Master Tests last Fall.

    • Mia DiBenedetto says:

      You need to check with the AKC to be sure he is listed for all 6 passes, and that all 6 clubs are Master National clubs. Unfortunately the Master National club doesn’t get a list from Retriever News until after the season finsihes on July 31st. Hope this helps

  2. Nena Bruffey says:

    My dog passed the 2012 MN and has passed 4 other master tests since 8/1/12, but to date, I have not seen her name on a List of 2013 MN Qualifiers. So, I checked with the AKC to verify that she is listed for all 6 passes necessary to qualify for the 2013 MN. The AKC only has her listed for 5 master passes, 4 master hunt tests plus the 2012 MN. I told the AKC that it is my understanding she should have received credit for 2 master passes for passing the 2012 MN. The AKC restated that it has her listed as passing 5 master events, including one on 10/20/12, qualifying her for only 1 pass for that event according to the AKC. Beyond that, I was told I should contact the MNRC because the AKC representative with whom I spoke was unaware of any such 2 pass MN credit.

    It is my understanding that those dogs who passed the 2012 MN received 2 master passes that can be applied to the requisite 6 master passes necessary to qualify for the 2013 MN. Is this true? If so, how do I communicate this to the AKC? Thank you for your help!

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