2017: New Hall of Fame Qualifiers Video

hofformCalling all FIRST TIME qualifiers of the Master National Hall Of Fame.

We would like to include your dog in our Master National Hall of Fame Inductee video for next year.

This video is created before the 2017 Master National event and will be shown at the Handlers Dinner in Texas. It will also be posted on the Master National web site after the event so you can enjoy it later.

Here’s what you need to do to be included.  Fill out the Hall Of Fame form and send along with a picture of your dog to the Master National. The form includes the necessary information we need to include your dog. Keep in mind; we also need a JPG image sent along with the form.

*Special Note: The video presentation is created in a Horizontal (landscape) format. Photos look best if they are displayed in a horizontal (landscape) layout rather than a vertical (portrait) format. We will make whatever we receive work, but if you take a look at our previous HOF and Retiring Dog videos, you will clearly see the difference.

First Time HOF Qualifiers Click Here: Hall Of Fame Form

Deadline for submissions is August 15, 2017.

You will email the form and the jpg image to: masternational@gmail.com

To View Previous Hall of Fame Inductees and Retirement Videos
Click Here: http://mnrc.publishpath.com/video

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2017 Master National Site & Judges

Congratulations to our judges for 2017.  Larry Kimble 2017 MNRC President announced at the Annual Meeting the 2017 Master National event will be hosted by Dr. Robert McFarlane and the East Texas Black Gumbo Retriever Club.  The site of the 2017 event is BigWoods on the Trinity located in Tennessee Colony,  Texas.  See you there October 14-22.

Region 1: Jack Belicka, Roger Everette and Laurice Williams

Region2:  Blake Lemish, Jimmy Olszewski and Helen Romain

Region 3: Lara Foster, Gary Kavan and Dale Langhorne

Region 4: Wendy Rowan, Steve Souder and Janet Wood

Dr. Robert McFarlane of Big Woods on the Trinity and Mark Mitchell Exec. Director, Palestine Area Chamber of Commerce

Dr. Robert McFarlane of Big Woods on the Trinity and Mark Mitchell Exec. Director, Palestine Area Chamber of Commerce attended this year’s event to see how things run.

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Master National Retriever Club Foundation

Master National Retriever Club Foundation (MNRCF, Foundation) Report on status of Foundation to MNRC Delegates & Members, September 30, 2016, Purina Event Center, St. Louis, Missouri

As reported last year at this meeting, the establishment of the Foundation that functions as a totally separate, IRS 501 (c) (3) organization from the MNRC was approved by the MNRC board July 7, 2013 and chartered in the state of Tennessee, December 20, 2013. Its EIN is 46-3114401. The purpose of the Foundation is primarily, but not exclusively, to support the programs and projects of the MNRC. The Foundation received its Determination Letter from IRS stating the Foundation was granted a 501 (c) (3) code designation on September 17, 2014 in record time thru a newly approved IRS “online” application process. As such, the Foundation can receive Charitable Contributions and the donor can receive all the benefits allowed by that IRS Code. The MNRC is an IRS Code 501 (c) (7) and contributions to it are not a Charitable Contribution.

The first “Handler of the Year” Award was presented to Ken Vidrine .

“Handler of the Year” Award was presented by Bill Teague to Ken Vidrine .

Since the last report to this body, October 16, 2015, in Cheraw, South Carolina, the Foundation has rapidly implemented organizational efforts which are continuing but have become operational under the Code determination. The Foundation has approved Bylaws, Conflict of Interest Policy, Gift Policy, and other organizational efforts.

The establishment of the Foundation was suggested by an active supporter of the annual Retriever Hunting Test by MNRC who wishes to remain anonymous. No, it wasn’t me or any other member of the board; wish I’d thought of it and had funds to give. This donor has provided a generous contribution that has enabled the Foundation to become effective quickly and we are deeply indebted to them. Many people ‘talk’ a lot about providing this type of support, this individuals’ actions speak louder than words. While the donor’s gift was originally restricted to Awards, you’ll hear about a little later in this report, they have generously agreed to allow some of the contribution to cover establishment costs and some grants you’ll also hear about later in this report. I think it’s appropriate to acknowledge this anonymous support with an enthusiastic & appreciative round of applause! We would encourage each of you to consider making a contribution to the Foundation; I know the original, anonymous donor would encourage you to do that. It’s easy, just make a check payable to MNRCF and provide to me or any MNRCF board member.

The Foundation “hit” the ground running and has responded favorably to several MNRC requests for financial support and the Foundation has provided almost $2,000 to support AKC Advanced Judges’ Seminars hosted by MNRC member Retriever Clubs. If your club is interested in receiving this type support, the request should come thru the MNRC.

Last year the Foundation announced they had approved supporting three, new Awards developed by the Foundation and suggested by the original donor. The Foundation has carefully followed the donor’s request. Hard copies of the details of each of the three awards are available at the check in table and this info was shared with other organizations for publication in their venues!

The Awards are:

  • Youth Handler of the Year Awards: There are two, separate Awards that represent handlers aged 12 & under and 13-17. Details on the Awards, including criteria reviewed, are available at the check in table. Nominees for this Award must be received by the Foundation within 30 days of the conclusion of this event. Each Award consists of a plaque and a check for $1,000.

This next award is personally embarrassing but very humbling and is in complete compliance with the donor’s request.

  • Bill T. Teague Handler of the Year Award: Details on this Award are also available at the check in table. Nominees must be received by the Foundation within 30 days of the completion of this event. This Award also consists of a plaque and a check for $1,000.

In addition to the individual plaques received for each award, there is a “Perpetual Plaque” for each award that displays the individual’s name and year of the award; the “Handler of the Year” plaque is on display here.

No nominations for the “Youth Handler of the Year Awards” were received last year; we hope to receive some this year. However, the Foundation board is exploring ways to financially assist youth handlers at weekend tests. The AKC regulations include an option for the club conducting the test to reduce, or eliminate, an entry fee for youth handlers and some clubs are offering seminars to youth without charge. If you have ideas on how these youth handlers could be supported at weekend tests, please let any of the board members know, we’d love to hear from you.

The first “Handler of the Year” Award was presented to Ken Vidrine on March 17 of this year at the monthly meeting of his home club, the Lake Charles Retriever Club in Lake Charles, Louisiana by Foundation board members John Blackbird & Bill Teague. Ken was nominated by his son, Chad and cited for his perseverance in overcoming physical ailments, his dedication to the sport, his success at the MNRHT and his ‘can do’ attitude among other things. Ken handled his black Labrador Ruby to a pewter plate at the 2015 Master National in South Carolina. Ruby only handled on one mark throughout the five series of the event which is a great showing in itself, but it’s the obstacles they overcame in order to get there that make it remarkable. The road to the Master National wasn’t easy for Ken and Ruby; Ken had injuries and knee replacement surgery but they still managed to participate and earn qualifying scores in 15 consecutive events throughout 2014 and 2015. He handled Ruby to her Master Hunter title at 2 years old & qualified for the Master National both years. We are pleased to recreate the presentation today and would you help me welcome and congratulate the 2015 “Bill Teague Handler of the Year”, Mr. Ken Vidrine from Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Presentation of the Award to Ken:

We commend the MNRC for authorizing the establishment of this totally separately functional organization and the anonymous donor who conceived the idea of establishing the Foundation and the concept of the Awards. We hope you’ll make a charitable contribution to the Foundation while you’re here.

We also commend members of the Foundation’s board of directors for their dedication, expertise and strong support; it’s clearly exciting but very challenging to get such an organization established and functional & each member of the board had done an exemplary job!

The members of the Foundation board are, and I ask each of you to stand when you are recognized and remain standing until all are introduced.

  • Jimmy Hughes, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Gloria Mundell, Director
  • John Blackbird, Director
  • Jace Tramontin, Ex-Officio Director (bylaws are designed to include each MNRC President for their term in an attempt to insure close coordination & effective communications of the Foundation’s activity to the MNRC board)
  • Bill Teague, President

President Jace, thank you again for allowing us to give this report & Ken congratulations on your well-deserved award. If there are any questions, we’ll address them at the next break or after this meeting.

Good luck with your dogs and have a safe trip home. Many thanks!

September 30, 2016



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Retriever Hunting Test Advisory Committee (RHTAC) Report

Presented by Mr. Bill Teague at the Master National Retriever Club’s Annual Event, September 30, 2016, Purina Event Center, St. Louis, Missouri


Bill Teague RHTAC Chairman

On behalf of this committee, I express our thanks to President Jace Tramontin and AKC for the opportunity to make this report. There are copies of the charge, responsibility and authority for the committee, its membership and this report available for you here today at the Check In table and we encourage you to communicate your ideas on how to improve the retriever hunting test program to any member of the committee. It is not designed to be a ‘gripe’ session but rather tries to look at the overall benefits of any potential change to the entire program. The committee has operated mostly by e-mail and telecoms this year and has received an abundance of submissions. I know this info is ‘old hat’ to some of you but include it here for some of the new participants in the sport that might be here for the first time.

At this time, I’ll introduce the committee members listed on the roster distributed here today and have each of those in attendance to stand. (Introduce each as listed on the 2016 Roster)

You’ll note this committee is appointed by the AKC’s Vice President for Sports & Events, Mr. Doug Ljungren in consultation with AKC’s Field Director for Sporting Breeds, Mr. Jerry Mann. Doug and Jerry are here today, and both these gentlemen have been very supportive and the knowledge, guidance and support they provide is most helpful. Additionally, AKC Representative Mr. Russ Reavis, Executive Field Representative & Mr. Joe Reinhardt; Contracted Field Representative.  Many of us remember Russ; he was MNRC president in 1998 and judged the 2005 event in Palestine, Texas. We welcome each of our friends from the AKC.

The committee will address submissions by any individual involved in the retriever hunting test program, any club that holds licensed AKC events or from the AKC. We’ve tried to keep everyone who submitted items up to speed on the results of their submissions, but if you’ve submitted something and haven’t heard from the committee, please accept our apology and let us know; your submission will be addressed and you will get a response. Only written submissions to the committee are accepted to reduce the chance of misinterpretations.

The submissions are discussed in detail and a committee decision is reached.  The decision may be by ‘consensus’ (all five agree) or by ‘majority’ (4-1, or 3-2 vote). Once the committee has agreed on a recommendation, it is sent to AKC. AKC can accept, reject, or modify the recommendations. Additionally, the AKC can implement changes in the regulations and guidelines without consulting the committee.

AKC made the announcement that this committee had been reorganized and activated at this meeting in 2010. Since that time, the committee has operated openly and sincerely appreciated each submission. I know our time on the program is limited, so if you have questions, any of the committee will be happy to discuss them with you later.

Since our report last year, the Committee has recommended and the AKC has approved and implemented regulations related to:

  • Improving the quality of birds used in retriever hunting tests
  • Holding only ‘Master Tests’ by clubs who have fulfilled basic requirements
  • Entry dates for ‘Coded Entries’

NOTE: It is expected the systems will be used in good faith and good sportsmanship and not abused or used as not intended.

Currently, the committee has reviewed or is reviewing about a dozen issues submitted by participants that requested the regulations be revised. Samplings of issues include:

  • Entries after closing
  • Proper attire for handler at the line
  • Changing the opening time of the opening of entries from 8 pm CT to 8 pm Local time;
  • Verification of exact handler of the dogs;
  • Open carry of weapons at the line by the handler;
  • Timing of required seminars, i.e., requiring a seminar prior to serving as an apprentice;
  • Two members of the same household judging the same test together;
  • ‘Stacked Series’; i.e., running a series over the same grounds as another series in the same test;

Please note these are issues submitted to the committee, so please don’t leave here saying they are new regulations!

I take this opportunity to publicly express my heartfelt gratitude to each of my colleagues on the committee. They have diligently addressed each submission with the goal of improving the retriever hunting test program, and I’m honored to serve with them.

We also take this opportunity to express the committee’s appreciation to each of the submitters for their interest in improving the retriever hunting test program; the vast majority were well thought out and presented well. We also express our deep appreciation to Doug Ljungren & Jerry Mann at AKC and John Stracka at Entry Express for their superb collaboration on difficult challenges. Without exception, each has been open minded, progressive in their thoughts and strongly supportive of changes that will improve the program. While the committee understands AKC has no authority over Entry Express or their business programs, Entry Express has collaborated very well with AKC and those efforts are deeply appreciated.

The AKC notifies the Club ‘secretary of record’ of AKC decisions on new/revised regulations via e-mail. Please insure your club’s records are updated with the AKC. The committee reminds you that any regulation change implemented will be carefully monitored and, if deemed appropriate, additional recommendations will be made.

President Jace, thank you again for the opportunity to bring this info to the assembly and we wish you and the MNRC the very best.

Members of the RHTAC:
Robert Rascoe, Eastern Time Zone
John Blackbird, Central Time Zone
Keith Winch, Mountain Time Zone
Patricia “Patty” Polish, Pacific Time Zone
Respectfully submitted on behalf of the RHTAC by Bill Teague, Chairman

The AKC Retriever Hunting Test Advisory Committee


It is the responsibility of the RHT Advisory Committee to provide input to the AKC Performance Events Department with regard to the Retriever Hunting Test Regulations. This may involve clarification of existing Regulations or new Regulations that are felt to enhance the sport. Topics for Advisory Committee discussion may originate from RHT participants or from the Committee members themselves. The Performance Events Department may also direct ideas to the Committee for consideration.

The Performance Events Department values the input of the Advisory Committee but is under no obligation to agree or act upon their suggestions. The Department may also, on occasion, act without Committee input.

Members of the Retriever Hunting Test Advisory Committee are:

 Term Expires at end of:

Eastern Time Zone Representative

Robert Rascoe                   mwrrbr@gmail.com                                   2016

242 Fairfax Drive            336-765-9420 (H)

Winston-Salem, NC 27104


Rocky Mountain Time Zone Representative

Keith Winch                      keithbwinch@msn.com                                  2017

11892 Hitching Post Trail  303- 805-0555 (H)

Parker, CO 80134              303-748-1838 (C)


Central Time Zone Representative

John Blackbird                    blackbirdjk@gmail.com                                       2018

1783 Johnsons Cartway

Mora, Minnesota, 55051      612-419-6433 (C)


Pacific Time Zone Representative

Patricia “Patty” Polish          pattypolishnevad@aol.com                         2019

235 Sutro Road                   775-246-5746(H)

Dayton, Nevada 89403        775-848-0252 (C)


RHTAC Chairman

Bill Teague                             ta9@hughes.net

734 CR 630                           936-559-9007 (H)

Nacogdoches, TX 75964       713-252-3918 (C)

January 19, 2016



















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New Region 3 Director to Serve on MNRC Board

Chuck Strange

Chuck Strange

Meet Mr. Chuck Strange
NOTE: Chuck will serve on the MNRC Board of Directors as Director for Region 3 as current director Keith Winch moves to the Vice President position.  Chuck says he looks forward to working with the regional clubs and members as well as the Master National. Here’s a brief bio to introduce Chuck to the membership.

My wife Kim and I live in Decatur, TX, located just North of Fort Worth where we spend time with our four labs Chica, Dell along with our two new pups Pistol and Ammo. I’m lucky that I have the family support that allows me to spend time with the hunt test games whether it be competing or judging year round. However, one of the greatest personal rewards from this sport has been the special times when I get to share this sport with my son and my dad so we have three generations together in the field.

My introduction to the hunt test games began in 1999 with special black dog named Tex.
Like many, we got involved with the hunt test because we simply wanted a better hunting dog.
We progressed thru the hunt test levels and moved on to field trials and SRS events. Then in 2009 some friends shared details about the Master National and suggested we try it, so the goals for 2010 to qualify and compete in our first Master National event in Corning, CA.

For me the Master National Annual Competition is a place for owners and handlers to showcase their dog’s ability and enjoying the hunt test games well beyond earning that master hunter title.
It is a great opportunity to reunite with friends and meet people not only in your local area but from all around the nation that all have a love for this sport, our dogs and hunting. Not to mention you get to see some of the best dogs in this country do what they love.

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2016 Hall of Fame Video

laylaCongratulations to the amazing retrievers! These fabulous canines have qualified at three Master National events and represent our newest inductees into the AKC Master National Hall of Fame. Kudos to the owners, handlers and dogs!

This year we also had an great group of retrievers who have retired from Master National competition.  CLICK BELOW to view the 2016 Retiring Dog Video

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2016 Master National Retiring Dog Video

2016 Master National Retirees

2016 Master National Retirees

Congratulations to the marvelous retrievers who have retired from Master National Competition in 2016.

Even though this may be the finish of their competition life we hope they will be enjoying many more years of retrieving and hunting and just enjoying life! View our Retiring Video!

And Congratulations to our New Hall of Fame inductees!

Click Here To Watch our 2016 Master National Hall of Fame Video

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New 2016 Hall of Fame Retrievers

libby-retired-newHere is a list of the new Hall of Fame Qualifiers from the 2016 Master National. Congratulations to all of these wonderful retrievers! Each year we list only those retrievers who are new inductees only.

For a Complete List of All Hall of Fame Qualifiers CLICK HERE

Please note: If you see an error or your dog is omitted please email Hunt Test Secretary Frank Barton at fbarton@bartonpowersports.com

2016 New Hall of Fame Inductees

Abandoned Road’s Caffeine Explosion MH Charles & Judy Pugh
Ajax’s Jacob’s Shot Of Black Powder MH Edward Rischka
Applewood’s Bow Rider At Sealion CDX RE MH AX OAJ Wendy Pennington
Baileys Irish Cream Of The Bigwoods MH Jay Herrington
Bayou Side Ben MH Robbie Andries
Black Devil’s Ace In The Hole MH Shawn Montgomery
Boogie Mcseagull MH Perry Meyring
Boo’s Watermark Of Teal Pond MH Joel Earls
Buckhead’s Sporting Duke MH Gina Blitch
Castile Creeks Two And A Half Men MH Lyle & Stephanie Steinman
Code 3 Three From The Ring MH22 Paul McGinnis
Coles Night Moves MH Brian Raynor
Coolwater’s Seaside Bullet MH Thad Simmons & Everett Nix Jr.
Crimson’s Black Powder Girl MH Jimmy Hughes
Crooked Creek Sporty Drake MH QA2 Kevin Buckley
Davis’ Main Attraction MH Tracy Davis
Doc Tee’s Fire Down Below MH Darrin & Shelia Swenson
Dogleg’s Snake Eyes Pair-A-Dice MH Gloria & Fred Nusbickel
Field Of Dreams Turnout Gear MH Nancy & Jim Bauer
Gunner Boy Washita Tobias MH Matt Underwood
Healmarks Beautiful Black Betty MH QAA Marc Healey
High Mileage Cool And Groovy MH Martha Kress
J&J’s Little Red Ryder MH Juliann Windham
Marks A Lot I Like It That Way MH Dan Kielty
Mpr’s Top Secret MH Kevin Bunnell
Mt Vernon Hayley’s Yellow Jaxx MH Bryan Couch
Perry’s Red Blaze Of Washita MH Ray Perry
Raney Black Pearl Griffin MH Mike Griffin
Rmr’s Kick Back To The Future BN RN MH MX MXJ NF Sue Dorscheid
Rockerins Lil Miss Pandora MH Chuck Strange
Semper Austin Mini-Cooper BN MH Julie Cairns & Katie Quarles
Silverbrook Joey’s Girl MH Sue and Joe Hartsoe
Starlight’s Mikayla Sue MH Randy & Sherre Frager
Stk’s Tub Full Of Mallard’s MH Julie Moore
Sunfire’s Lacey Of Notch Hill MH NA NAJ Chris Reynolds
Talkin In The Timber Backwaters Bella MH Justin Jackson
Taylor Farm’s Sandpiper MH Jack Crawford
Teufelhund Keystone MH Michael Moss
Washita’s Daisy Duck MH Jeffrey Chesnut
Wolf Creeks Speck Of Gold MH Orie Mathews & AD Specks
Wood River’s Wizard Of Westwood MH Julio Rios


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Shout Out To Master National Presidents


Sam Ferguson, JaceTramontin and Larry Kimble

mnrc-presidentsMore times than not, we receive negative comments and complaints about the largest retriever event in the country — the Master National.  But each year we manage to present a quality event with an all volunteer army.  If you see these three men this week, please say thank you.  They represent the past, present and future presidents of the organization.

2015 Master National President Sam Ferguson, 2016 President Jace Tramontin, and 2017 Master National President Larry Kimble, together have dedicated almost 25 years of service to the organization.  Quite an accomplishment,  showing great dedication to the retriever community.

Throughout the year, these men have given countless hours in the planning of this event.  And like those before them, they do this for the love of their dogs, and the continuation of the hunting retriever sport.

We would also like to recognize and thank past presidents of the MNRC as well.

2014 Janet Wood
2013 Gloria Mundell
2012 John Blackbird
2011 John Marchica
2010 Janet Peters
2009 Bill Teague
2008 Dave Kress
2007 Mary Williams
2006 Julie Cairns
2005 Bill Blochowiak
2004 Ray Muth
2003 Harold Buckley
2002 Steve Elliott
2001 Jeff Schoonover
2000 Ray Muth
1999 Sallie Sullivan
1998 Russ Reavis
1997 D. Blair Clark
1996 Milton Holcombe
1995 Larry Holcombe
1994 Les Lowenthal
1993 Sonny Robertson
1992 Bill Speck

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Frankie’s Party A Master National Tradition

It all began in 1991 when Handler Frankie Prendergast decided to grill some steaks for his Master National friends in the parking lot of his hotel.

Twenty-five years later, and with the help of his friends, Frankie’s Party has become a Master National tradition.  Please join us tonight (Thursday, October 6th)) at 6:30 p.m. and help keep the tradition going.  The party will be held under the tent at the Spirit of St. Louis Airport. Let’s make this 25th year the best ever.   See you all there!

Here is a better GPS address for the site:  18612 Olive Street Road, Chesterfield, MO

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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