Meet the 2020 Master National Judges

The MNRC wants to thank the dedicated judges who will give up two weeks of their life to become a part of Master National History.  Here’s a look at these impressive hunt test judges.


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Foundation Selects Sallie Sullivan Handler of Year

Sallie P. Sullivan of Thomasville, Georgia has been selected by the Master National Retriever Club Foundation as the recipient of the 2019 “Bill T. Teague Handler of the Year.” She becomes the first woman to earn this prestigious Handler of the Year award.

Over 150 family, friends, and hunting retriever enthusiasts watched Sullivan received her award Saturday (March 7) at a Special Tailgate Celebration following the Tallahassee Hunting Retriever Club Hunt Test in Thomasville.

2015 MNRC President Samuel Ferguson of Tallahassee opened the program by recognizing Sullivan for her exemplary performances with Labrador retrievers over 30 years, including placing nine dogs in the Master National Retriever Club’s (MNRC) Hall of Fame.

Dr. Fred Nusbickel of Meigs, GA and 2019 MNRC President Jack D. Combs of Wickford, RI told of some other achievements.  Dr. Nusbickel thanked Sullivan for her generosity as a land owner and her support of the AKC Hunting Retriever Test program.  He said the retriever community represented at the celebration was there because of Sullivan and her devotion to the support.  Combs said Sullivan, “is truly, the Gold Standard of Excellence,” for our sport.

Allen Dillard, 2020 President of the MNRC said, “It is an honor and a privilege to participate in the presentation of the Bill T. Teague Handler of the Year Award to Sallie Sullivan.  Sallie’s accomplishments in the AKC hunt test sport over the last 30 years will likely never be bested.  Her generosity and mentorship to others is equally impressive.  The MNRCF is proud to have Sallie Sullivan join this group of prestigious honorees.

On behalf of the Master National Retriever Club Foundation, Allen Dillard, of Brownsboro, Alabama, and Jimmy Hughes, MNRC Treasurer of Columbia, Tennessee presented Sullivan with a Plaque and a check for $1,000 before the crowd was treated to a buffet dinner.  The Tailgate Celebration was hosted by the Tallahassee Hunting Retriever Club, Wiregrass Hunting Retriever Club, as well as the Atlanta, Magnolia and Fall Line Retriever Clubs.

Sullivan’s accomplishments illustrate her exemplary skills knowing she trains and handles each dog as an amateur. Every dog she has competed with has been her own Borderline breeding. She holds an astonishing 40 Master National event Plates, the most held by an Amateur Handler, and seven Master Amateur Crystal Plates as well as two Master Amateur Invitational Hall of Fame retrievers. The crowd applauded when Combs told the crowd that Sullivan has qualified at an incredible 956 AKC Master Hunt tests over the years, and is still going strong.

The AKC Master National Retriever Club holds an event each year, and since the club’s creation in 1991, Sullivan has competed in every event except one. In 1999, Sullivan served as President of the Master National Retriever Club and in 2003 hosted the Master National event at Borderline Plantation in Thomasville, Georgia.

In addition to her success at the Master National event each year, Sullivan is an active member and past president of the Tallahassee Hunting Retriever Club.

The Master National Retriever Club calls Sullivan a role model for women in the sport and her pioneering spirit in the game has proved as motivation of other women handlers.

In addition to representing the highest standards in training and testing, Sullivan has bred Labrador retrievers for over 30 years, and holds the highest standards for furthering the Labrador retriever breed. She has bred ten Master National Hunter (MNH) AKC titled retrievers and 2 AKC Master Amateur Hunter retrievers.

She was also the first woman to receive the Master National Retriever Woman’s Challenge Trophy.

Sullivan won top honors at the 2019 Georgia/Florida Plantation Challenge.  An honor she has received several times.

In 2013, the Bird Dog Foundation, Inc., in Grand Junction, Tennessee also honored Sullivan at the Field Trial Hall of Fame Induction ceremony. Sullivan is a true Icon of the sport of retriever hunt tests and training.

The “Handler of the Year,” award ceremony will be re-created at the 2020 Master National Retriever Hunt Test on September, 24 2020 in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

The Foundation congratulates Sallie on his accomplishments and award and encourages nominations of qualified handlers for the 2020 event in St. Cloud, Minnesota.; nominations must be received within 30 days of the completion of the event.

The Foundation also offers two Youth Handler of the Year Awards; one for 12 year olds and younger and one for 13-17 year old handlers and the ‘Bill T. Teague Handler of the Year Award’. In addition, the Foundation offers a “Humanitarian Sportsman Recognition.” Haleigh McKeithan of North Carolina will receive the award for the Handler the year in the 13-17 y/o category later this year. The first recipients of the humanitarian Sportsmans recognition are Frank Barton, of Arkansas, for his work with disabled veterans and Rody Best of Texas, for this work in the greater Houston area after Hurricane Harvey.

 View the 2019 MNRC Foundation Report

For further info on the awards and recognition, contact Bill Teague at or 713-252-3918 or 734 CR 630, Nacogdoches, Texas 75964.

Foundation board members are:
Gloria Mundell, Colorado
Jack Morris, Texas
Jimmy Hughes, Tennessee, Treasurer
Allen Dillard, Alabama, MNRC President 2019-2020
Bill Teague, Texas, President


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MNRC Announcement Regarding COVID-19 Situation

The Master National Retriever Club is acutely aware of the circumstances developing due to the cancellation of AKC hunt tests in response to the COVID-19 situation.

The MNRC supports all member clubs who have made this difficult decision for the safety and well-being of their local community, their event workers, and their participants.

The MNRC is monitoring the status of regularly scheduled hunt tests and assessing the information and guidance currently available from our governing authorities.

Our goal is to develop a continuity plan that will allow the 2020 Master National Retriever Club Hunt Test to be conducted as scheduled in September in Minnesota (Sept. 24-Oct. 4).   I want to assure you that any such plan/program will be developed with due consideration for the health and safety of all hunt test participants, our member clubs and their events, and our local host committee.

Our actions will be deliberate but decisive.  We appreciate your patience as we work through the options that may be available to us.  We thank you for your support as we navigate this unprecedented event.

Allen Dillard, 2020 Master National President

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2020 Master National Tests Will Use Ducks Only

A notice to our 2020 Master National Retriever Hunt Test participants from MNRC President Allen Dillard:

As our event continues to grow, it has reached a size that has forced the Master National Retriever Club Board of Directors to consider any and all options to help the event operate more efficiently while continuing to test the best hunting retrievers at the highest level.

These discussions have been challenging as the reality set in that all meaningful options would require a change in the way we operate and conduct the event.

Recently the Board decided to implement a change for the 2020 event in Minnesota. All game used for this event will be drake ducks. While we understand this decision may not be popular with everyone, it will greatly simplify our bird stewarding requirements and improve flight rotation efficiency.

Thank you for supporting the Master National. See you in St. Cloud!

Allen Dillard

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AKC Entry Notice Urgent Action Required

The AKC has requested that Entry Express comply with the AKC Rules/Regulations when accepting entries as agent for clubs hosting AKC events. Chapter 1, Section 16 of the Regulations & Guidelines for AKC Hunting Tests for Retrievers, and Chapter 8, Section 4 of the Field Trial Rules and Standard Procedure for Retrievers read, “Each entry form must be completed in full and the information given on the entry form must be that which applies to the entered dog.”  This data must be both accurate, complete and include:

1. Retriever Trials Only this dog is qualified for (check the box): Limited All-Age Stake, Restricted All-Stake, Special All-Age Stake

2. AKC or Foreign Registration Number

3. Full Registered Name

4. Breed

5. Call Name

6. Sex

7. Date of Birth

8. Sire Full Registered Name

9. Dam Full Registered Name Note: The names of the sire & dam are not required for dogs with a PAL Listing or Conditional Registration

10. Name of Breeder


11. Actual Owner(s)

a. Name

b. Address

c. City

d. State

e. Zip

f. Telephone

g. Email

12. Name of Owner’s Agent/Handler

As an owner, trainer, handler or agent you should go to the Profile Page of each dog you intend to enter sufficiently in advance of any event you intend to enter or have entered on your behalf in an AKC event to ensure that your entry will be complete and accepted. Under AKC Rules/Regulations, incomplete entries cannot be accepted. You must update and complete the above information for each dog that you own, enter, plan to enter or have entered on your behalf. EE cannot input this data for you, as an owner, trainer or handler who intends to enter a dog in an AKC event, you must ensure that the dog record is complete and accurate.

As we comply with AKC rules and regulations, Entry Express acknowledges this may be a brief inconvenience for some users to fully complete information required on event premiums, however, it must be accomplished in order to enter AKC events.

Thanks for your cooperation – Entry Express

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Calling for Photos for Hall of Fame and Retiring Videos

It’s time to get your information together so we can include your dog in our Master National Videos. The videos will premiere at the Handler’s Banquet at the 2020 Master National in St. Cloud, Minnesota and will be posted on the Master National website following the event.

Each year the Master National creates two videos. The 2019 Hall of Fame Retrievers (retrievers who qualified at the 2019 event) and the  2020 Master National Retiring Dogs.

If  you have decided to retire your retriever from Master National competition you can submit a request to retire him now. You are still illegible to run him at the 2020 event, but not after that in the Master National.

Here’s what you need to know. Click on the Hall of Fame Video form or the Retiring Dog Video Form on the page below.  Fill out the video form, and email the form with a JPG photo as soon as possible!  Information on the form tells you what quality photo we need and how to email us.  Thank you and see you soon in Minnesota September 14-October 4.

The deadline for submissions is July 1st.

2019 Hall of Fame Form

2020 Retiring Form


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Meet the New Master National Hall of Fame Retrievers

Congratulations to our new 2019 Hall of Fame Master National Retrievers!  These retrievers have successfully Qualified at three Master National events.   New Hall of Fame retrievers will have their names added to the MNRC Hall of Fame banner and displayed at the 2020 event in Minnesota.

The event is scheduled for September 24- October 4.

And in case you have not already applied for your AKC MNH Certificate.  Here’s the link to the application:
Master National Hunter Title Certificate Order Form

Congratulations to our 2019 Hall of Fame Retrievers and their handlers and owners! And Congratulations also to those magnificent retrievers who moved up a notch and added another Qualifying Pass to their title!

To View the Complete List of Hall of Fame Retrievers CLICK HERE

Let’s give a big Shout Out to the New Hall of Fame Retrievers:

NameOfDog CallName Owner
Academy’s Deacon Howl’n Amen MH MNH Preacher M Bullen/S Bullen
Arrowhead’s Little Mischief MH MNH Chief Keith Kiesow
Aspetucks My Little Margie MH MNH Margie Robert Ehlers and Betsy Pohl
Bands and Bones Tactical Pursuit MH MNR Tac Walt Pipkin
Beau Chene’s Lady Sings The Blues MH MNH Lena Marta Morris
Beckylou’s Linc’ To Beamer MH Linc’ L Dejohn/B De John
Bigwoods Spooky Sir Sergei Le’Mule MH MNH Mule Robert McFarlane, MD
Black Powder Cali Tnt’s Blasting Cap MH MNH Blast A Christy
Bored Out Train Wreck N Ruby MH MNH Ruby Kenneth J Vidrine
Cajun Drake’s Faith Of A Rebel MH MNH Faith Chad Vidrine
California Waterspook Riden Shotgun MH MNH Ryder Robert Parks
Castile Creeks Super Swig MH MNR MNH Swig Jack O’Connor
Castile Creeks Tug Of War MH MNR MNH TUG Bernie Sykes
Comets Rolling Thunder MH MNH Thunder Mike Perry
Cour’s Peacemaker MH MNH Colt Luke Cour
Crimson’s Sweet as Dixie Crystal MH MNH Sugar Jimmy Hughes
Crosswinds Kinky Kid MH MNH L0 Bruce Halverson
Dreamyerer’s For A Few Dollars More MH MNH Hombre Art Stoner
Dude’s Black Water Shelby MH MNH Shelby B Kelly
Early Morning Smoke On The Water MH MNR MNH Smoke Kevin Hodges
Fancy Don’T Let Me Down IV MH MNH Fancy William J Monroe
Hammerin’ Hank’s Leroi Brown MH MNH Roy Brady Rutledge
Hawkeye’s Steel Pinnie MH MNH Pinnie Ashlee Haglund
Highroller Marshall Matt Dillon MH76 MNR MNH Dillon Hilda Wood
Hog Liver’s Load’em Up Jeep MH MNH Jeep D Hightower
JandJ’s Pink Dynamite MH MNH Pinky James Windham
Jts Double Trouble Alter Ego MH MNH Neo Jace Tramontin
Kenai’s Black Gold MH MNH Key Dan Boettger
King Leonidas Of Silverbrook MH MNH Leo Roxane and Michael Hixson
Lake Country’s Macho Mac MH MNH Mac Jim Elam
Lindy’s Marsh Missile MH MNH Cruiser Scott Lindy
Luke’s Going Full Throttle MH MNH Luke C Mckiernan
Mv Prairie Labs Don’T Fail Me Baylee MH MNR MNH Baylee Marta Morris
North Fork’s Big River Is Rising MH MNH Zeke Tom Mathis
Orion’s Lights Camera Action! MH MNH Action Kate Macartney
Pearl’s Vision Of Jet Callauh MH MNH Jet Chris Jobman
Perfect Marx Little Rascal MH MNH Razz Charles Pugh
Prairie Creek’s Artemis MH MNH Arti Keith Colburn
Redstar Herbettabegood MH MNH Goodie Eric Talley
Reibar’s Baypoint Asa Hearts MH MNH Asa D Campbell
Scissortail’s Brush Country Monster MH MNH Hoss Chris Jobman
Sic’Em On A Chicken MH MNR QA2 MNH Pete David Eaton
Silas Hey That’s A Fact Jack MH MNH Silas James Grant
Smoking Gun’s Sweet Thunder MH MNH Sugar Jeff Warren
Stellar’s Don’T Rock The Jukebox MH Jones Dede and Wayne Paterson
Stellar’s Out Of The Blue Rendezvous MH MNH Tryst D Patterson
Stellar’s Steady Trigger MH MNR MNH Trigger Nathan Proske
Tiger’s Come On Homeboy MH MNH Chief J Yerby
Troubador’s Enchanted Misty Morning Breeze MH MNH Breeze Mark Polkey
Vet’s Cut Above Lean Grade MH MNH Greta D Greer
Wild Wing Five Star Remington MH MNH Remi Marion Woolie
Wolfs Diamond MH MNH Diamond Joe Wolf
Wycos Lena-Linda Con Besos MH MNH Lena Randall and John Gerbino
Y-Farms Honey On The Move MH MNH Honey Richard (Todd) Hanson
You Have Got To Be Kidding CDX RE MH70 NA NAJ OF CGC MNH Joker Beth Sokohl
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2020 Master National Area Hotels

2020 Master National  Area Hotels

**Committee Recommended

Residence Inn St. Cloud

Waite Park, MN
Reserve by Phone 320-640-0200
Rates for this property: $99 – $154

Courtyard St. Cloud
Saint Cloud, MN
Reserve by Phone 320-654-1661
Rates for this property: $139 – $159

Homewood Suites by Hilton St Cloud
Saint Cloud, MN
Reserve by Phone 320-252-5900
Rates for this property: $123 – $265

Hilton Garden Inn **
Waite Park, MN
Reserve by Phone 320-640-7990
Rates for this property: $129 – $147

 Quality Inn Saint Cloud  **
Saint Cloud, MN
Reserve by Phone 320-251-1500
Rates for this property: $79 – $98

Courtyard St. Cloud **
Saint Cloud, MN
Reserve by Phone 320-654-1661
Rates for this property: $139 – $159

Country Inn & Suites, St Cloud W MN **
Saint Cloud, MN
Reserve by Phone 320-259-8999
Rates for this property: $124 – $152 

Best Western Plus Kelly Inn **
Saint Cloud, MN
Reserve by Phone 320-253-0606
Rates for this property: $124 – $284

Nights Inn Motel and Suites **
Saint Cloud, MN
Reserve by Phone 320-255-1274

Country Inn & Suites, St. Cloud East **
Saint Cloud, MN
Reserve by Phone 320-252-8282
Rates for this property: $139 – 149

Best Western Chelsea Hotel
Monticello, MN
Reserve by Phone 763-271-8880
Rates for this property: $ 109 – $131

Super 8 By Wyndham Monticello
Monticello, MN
Reserve by Phone 763-295-5900
Rates for this property: $69 – $138

Baymont By Wyndham Albany
Albany, MN
Reserve by Phone 320-200-9819
Rates for this property: $104 -$124

Travelodge Of St Cloud
Saint Cloud, MN
Reserve by Phone 320-253-3338
Rates for this property: $63 – $85

Days Inn, St Cloud
Saint Cloud, MN
Reserve by Phone 320-253-4444
Rates for this property: $63 – $114

Hampton Inn St Cloud MN
Saint Cloud, MN
Reserve by Phone 320-252-4448
Rates for this property: $133 – $182

Holiday Inn Express ST. CLOUD
Saint Cloud, MN
Reserve by Phone 320-240-8000
Rates for this property: $124 – $182

Super 8 St. Cloud
Saint Cloud, MN
Reserve by Phone 320-253-5530
Rates for this property: $62 – $90

Days Inn, Monticello
Monticello, MN
Reserve by Phone 763-295-1111
Rates for this property: $100

American By Wyndham St. Cloud
Saint Cloud, MN
Reserve by Phone 320-253-6337
Rates for this property: $129 – 169

Americas Best Value Inn St Cloud
Saint Cloud, MN
Reserve by Phone 320-252-8700
Rates for this property: $59 – $129

Holiday Inn & Suites ST. CLOUD
Saint Cloud, MN
Reserve by Phone 320-253-9000
Rates for this property: $112 – $140

Americas Best Value Inn Clearwater
Clearwater, MN
Reserve by Phone 320-558-2221
Rates for this property: $58 – $109

AmericInn By Wyndham Sartell
Sartell, MN
Reserve by Phone 32-259-0877
Rates for this property: $127 – $161

AmeriVu Inn And Suites Avon
Avon, MN
Reserve by Phone 320-356-2211
Rates for this property: $62 to $87

Host area campgrounds

St Cloud Clearwater RV Park **
2454 Co Rd 143
Clearwater, MN   55320

St Cloud Campground & RV Park **
2491 2nd St SE
Saint Cloud, MN   56304
(320) 251-4463

Benton Beach Campgrounds
96 125th St NW
Rice, MN 56367
(320) 393-3420

8795 82nd St SE
Clear Lake, MN 55319
(320) 743-2771

AJ Acres Campground
1300 195th Street East
Clearwater, MN   55320


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Judges Elected for 2020 Master National

The judges election was announced at the 2019 Annual Meeting, Friday, Oct. 18 by MNRC Secretary Elaine Goodner.

Region 1
Megan Baker and Christian Ricker and Robert Johnson

Region 2
Jimmy Olsweski; Alan Bruhin and Beth Trudel

Region 3
Judges: Laura Foster; Willie Alderson; Eric Fryer

Region 4
Judges: Mike Black, Mark Schlender and Ron Margiotta

The dates for the 2020 event will be September 24th until October 4, to be held in the St Cloud, Minnesota area.

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Changes to the MNRC Board of Directors Announced

Keith & Wendy Maready

The Master National Retriever Club announces the following changes to the current Board of Directors.  Region 1 Director Keith Maready will become Region 1 Vice President following the resignation of current VP Robert Rascoe.  Robert has decided to step down due to long term health concerns.  Maready is a former Master National Judge, an active AKC Hunt Test participant and a officer and active member of the Neuse Retriever Club.
Read Keith’s Bio

Laurice Williams

The Region 1 Director position will now be filled by Laurice Williams of  Autryville, North Carolina. Williams is a two-time former Master National Judge, a Host Committee Member for the 2015 and 2019 Master National events, and an active Lumber River Club officer and member.
Read Laurice’s Bio

Matt Griffiths

In addition, a new Region 2 Director has been appointed.  Matt Griffiths of  Columbia, Tennessee will fill the vacancy Keith Kiesow leaves as Keith becomes Region 2 Vice President. Read Keith’s Bio

Griffiths is an AKC Judge and active club officer and member of the Middle Tennessee Amateur Retriever Club.
Read Matt’s Bio

Congratulations to Keith Maready and Keith Kiesow to Laurice Williams and Matt Griffiths.  We look forward to your positive input and work on behalf of the Master National Retriever Club.

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