List of Qualifiers for 2019 Master National

The first list of  qualifiers for the 2019 event has been posted. As of January 12,  there are 193 retrievers qualified to enter the 2019 Master National on October 17-27, at H Cooper Black in Cheraw, South Carolina.  Hope to see you there!

To view a current list of qualifiers:  Click Here


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Attention Clubs: Grants Available for Advanced Seminars

The Master National Retriever Club (MNRC) wants to remind you about the Master National Retriever Club AKC Advanced Judges/Handler Seminar Grant Program.

The MNRC is partnering with member clubs to support Advanced Judges Education seminar in each region on an annual basis to offer help in hosting an Advanced Seminar.

Through this program, the MNRC will provide grant funds to support member clubs that host an AKC Advanced Judges/Handler Seminar.

Member clubs and quality judges are the backbone of the MNRC. This program will help ensure that quality judges education is provided in each region each year to help member clubs foster, develop, and improve the AKC Hunt Test judges pool.

Details of the program may be found on the Master National website. Click Here for an application and more details about the program.

If you have any questions regarding how your club may participate in this program and host a seminar, please contact your Region Vice President or Director for assistance in completing an application.

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Memories 2: A Blast From the Past

Another look back at our past with photos of handlers, judges and retrievers of past events.


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Memories 1: A Blast From the Past

Here is a bit of our history we hope will spark fond memories of events, people and retrievers of the past.  Enjoy!

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2018 Master National Retiring Dogs

Congratulations to the marvelous retrievers who Retired from Master National Competition in 2018.

Even though this may be the finish of their competition life we hope they will be enjoying many more years of retrieving and hunting and just enjoying life! View our Retiring Video!

This year we also had an great group of retrievers who were inducted into the Master National Hall Of Fame. View the 2018 Hall of Fame Video below


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2018 Hall of Fame Retrievers

Congratulations to these amazing retrievers! These fabulous canines have qualified at three Master National events and represent the 2018 newest inductees into the AKC Master National Hall of Fame. Kudos to the owners, handlers and dogs!


This year we also had another great group of retrievers who have retired from Master National competition.  CLICK BELOW to view the 2018 Retiring Dog Video


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New Region 1 Director to Serve on MNRC Board

Keith Maready of Newport, North Carolina has been appointed to the Master National Retriever Club Board of Directors as Director for Region 1 for the current year. Keith fills a one-year vacancy left by Director Robert Rascoe as he becomes Vice President and Jack D. Combs serves as President of the Master National Retriever Club.

Here’s a bio from Keith as we introduce him to our membership. Congratulations and Good Luck Keith.

I consider it an honor to serve the clubs in Region 1 as a Master National Retriever Club Board member.  I appreciate the confidence expressed by my appointment and I’ll strive to be an asset and positive representation for Master National, Region 1 and the entire Hunt Test community.

From the early days on the family farm in very rural Chinquapin, North Carolina, we lived and survived on what the farm provided. Most of our fathers were off serving in some branch of the military, and, for the most part, leaving cousins, moms, aunts, Grandma and Granddaddy on the farm. With NO education, Granddaddy took the leadership role and lead very well with a simple plan. Granddaddy Archie was a hard pusher in whatever the chore was and every day, for the first twelve years of life, in every chore I was reminded of Granddaddy’s simple plan to survive: “You gotta give to get.” You’ve got to give to the land to produce crops, you’ve got to give to the animals to produce meat, you’ve got to give help to the neighbors to get help when you’re in need and on Sunday you’ve got to give time and respect to God to get blessings when you’re in need. Granddaddy Archie lived a life of “give back” and his leadership to us, enforced a life of “give back”. Very simple, that’s why I try to serve the Hunt Test community.

Having had some type of hunting dog my entire life, it was natural to acquire a retriever and start duck hunting as my family migrated to the coast when my father came home from the Army. Hunting the big waters of Core Sound and Bogue Sound on the southern outer banks of North Carolina is challenging and thrilling. Having my lab to pick up birds is amazing. From the late sixties through the early eighties, our dogs were thoroughly trained. Their training was, we’re going duck hunting get in the boat. They hunted with me and my buddies five to six times a week during the season and if they didn’t figure out the retrieving part, they didn’t get to go hunting anymore and we would buy another dog. We went through several and had some that would have retrieved an elephant – if elephants could fly and we could hit them.

In 1983, on the way home from a morning hunt we stopped by the newspaper / book store for a newspaper to see if a previous hunting adventure of ours had made the paper. Well, it did, and we kept a low profile for a few hunts. My buddy also came out with a retriever training book and that was the beginning of a bad thing for the dogs. We managed to finally acquire a couple of labs that were tuff enough to overcome our vast knowledge / sheer ignorance and they became capable of doing some impressive things. If we threw a rock in the direction of the duck they didn’t see fall, they would go in that direction and not come back until they found a duck.

My wife Wendy and I now reside in Newport, North Carolina, overlooking Bogue Sound and the Intercoastal Waterway. We live there with our two yellow labs, Luke and Gabe. Upon discovery of how little I knew about a trained retriever, Luke, the old guy, and I went through a training program with a friend, neighbor and former professional trainer.  That training program led me to the hunt test world. Thank you Richard Reese. Luke is grateful every day for your patience and determination to keep me from messing up.  The thrill of running hunt test, meeting wonderful folks, watching amazing dogs, and living life’s survival plan taught by Granddaddy Archie contributes to an amazing life, and I’m blessed to find myself as a Master National board member. I’m excited to serve and look forward to being a part of enhancing Master National and the entire Hunt Test community.

All The Best
Keith, Wendy, Luke and Gabe Maready    

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Host Committee Named For 2019 Master National

In 2019 a Master National Host Committee, not an official club, was selected to run the event.  The Event will be chaired by CSL Board Member Michelle Love along with key committee members.  Those members include but are not limited to:  Robert Roscoe (VP Region 1), Laurice Williams, Keith Maready, Trish Jagoda, Mary Harding, Robert Ehlers, Drew Neubauer, Lee Hanes, Betsy PohlMary Gregg,  Joel Porter and Linc Huffman. Other committee members are being added.

The event will take place October 17-27 at the H Cooper Black Sporting Dog Facility in Cheraw SC.  The Hampton Inn in Hartsville, SC will be the Host Hotel.

More details and information will become available soon.

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2019 MNRC President, Chief Marshal Begin Term

Congratulations to our 2019 Master National Retriever Club President Jack D. Combs. After nine years serving on the Board of Directors Jack will take the head up the team for Cheraw, SC.
Read Jack’s Bio

Keith Winch, VP of Region 3, becomes Chief Marshal for this year’s event. Keith served as Assistant Chief Marshal in 2018 to Allen Dillard.
Read Keith’s Bio

The event will take place October 17-27 at the H Cooper Black Sporting Dog Facility in Cheraw SC.  More information about this beautiful property can be seen at the H. Cooper Black website.

More details and information will become available soon.  So train hard and see you in Cheraw.

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MNRC Thanks Event Sponsors and Donors

As you begin training and testing for the 2019 Master National event we would like to remind you to please support our generous Partners. Without their help the Master National event would not be possible.

While we highlight our Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze Partners and individual Donors on our website, there are so many volunteers and wonderful people who help us throughout the year.  Thank you to everyone who has helped with the organization, planning and presentation of this magnificent event.  Good  Luck to all and see  you October 17-27, in Cheraw, South Carolina.  Handlers can look forward to a fabulous event and a return to the H. Cooper Black Jr. Memorial Field Trial and Recreation Area. 

Diamond Partners
Nestle Purina Petcare and Avery Sporting Dog
Platinum Partners
Garmin and Eukanuba
Dogtra and Duck Dog Clothing Company
Silver Partners
Tangelo Tosser; Umpqua Oats; SportDOG Brand; Lithia Auto Stores; Mom’s Gourmet; Melrose Vineyards; Zinger Winger
Bronze Partners
Lone Duck Outfitters; WetMuttBeds; Best Retrievers; Zion Kennels; Saltgrass Retrievers; Hidden Lake Retrievers;  Swamp Run Retrievers; Silverbrook Kennels; AirFlow Bumpers; Trigger Time Kennels; Cripple Creek Kennels ; Bay Creek Kennels; Chumac Kennels; Webshire Kennels; Duck Roost Kennels
Bu Yah Retrievers; Crosswind Retrievers; Dynamic Retrievers;
Minoggie Kennels; Raney Ranch Retrievers; Starlight Kennels and
Water Dog University

Individual Donors

Master Donors
Annette & Bob Pacheco
Carolyn & Brook Douglas
Circle Star Firearms & Outdoors
Dennis & Jeanne Esser
Don Myers
Ed Wojciechowski
Heidi Kern
Jim Morris
John Cottenham
John Gerbino
Labrador Retriever Club of Elkton, MD
Luck Lab Pins
Michelle Love
Monte Wulf
Nicole Boettger, Coach & Me Photography
Ray Kaufmann
Rex Gibson
Ron Burns Studio
Sportsmans Warehouse
Kevin & Pam Bunnell
Umpqua Valley Retriever Club

Senior Donors
Heidi Bartlett
J&S Discount Arms, Sutherlin, Oregon
Jeanette Turvey
Koru Forestry, Inc.
Melrose Vineyards
North Alabama Retriever Club
TnB Fabrication
Travis & Toni Bamford

Junior Donors
Kurzhal Kicking Pickles
Mychal Berry
Oddrays Hemp & More
Silver Oak Vineyards
Sooner Retriever Club
St. Paul Lutheran Church
The Jeweled Quail

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